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A day in the life at Technical Towers

August 8, 2014.

Adam Chamberlin

With a break from tech news I thought it would be good to know what happens in my average day.

The alarm goes off around quarter past six, most mornings my three year old has already woken me, but it is now it is officially time to get moving.

All the usual morning duties aside I jump on my bike by quarter past seven and set off from Hadleigh towards Sudbury. It is just under an hour’s worth of cycling so I make use of the time with some tech related podcasts. Those two hours a day are perfect time to listen to the latest developments in the technology world or catch up with new programming languages. Most of my subscriptions are Apple based and come from the excellent 5by5 network, although Andy Clarke's Unfinished Business keeps my British roots sound.

The office door opens and the kettle goes on, followed by the computer. After a quick change I'm at the desk and the day's applications are fired up; Mail, Safari, Coda2, TextMate, Sequel Pro and of course Spotify.

The first order of the day is emergencies or critical servers, so I check the monitoring tools we have on all our WebCare clients to make sure everything is up and running. Next is the support ticket system. I check if there any new ones or responses to existing ones, or better yet tickets we can close.

Finally, happy that the World is still turning, it is down to project work.
In the technical department we have a very high tech white board that lists all our ongoing projects. You would have thought we might create a digital version of this but the satisfaction of rubbing an item off the board when it has been completed is too good.

Lunch time comes around and normally this consists of a salad with side helping of Scotch Egg, you just can’t beat it.
Whilst it is not the best for me, I spend my lunch in front of the computer catching up on some RSS feeds. Yes they still exist and I still use them. In my reader I have them catalogued, starting with tech news from the likes of The Verge and Mac Rumours. Then I move to development feeds such as TutsPlus. Finally I move onto my second passion, cycling and sites such as Road.cc.

With lunch just a distant crumb on the keyboard, it is back on with the day. Project work continues unless someone reports that the internet has stopped. Some times the flow of code is interrupted by a local IT related problem, such as my printer won’t print. We all get those.

Come five it is back on the bike and homeward bound. Reaching home I get about an hour before my son is getting ready for bed. That time is spent on the latest fascination, currently it's farms and farming so I will get to drive the tractor whilst he combines the bedroom carpet.
Once he is in bed I get a few hours of me time and that is spent in a few different ways. If I’m in cycling mode then I normally end up training for a bit in the garage on a stationery trainer. These rides are another great time to catch up with the tech world so I use an iPad and watch tutorials from Lynda.com. Although Lucy did catch me watching Top Gun on Netflix once!

The final part of the day is time to unwind and turn the pace down. Best spent with Lucy and a good book.
Crawl into bed as tomorrow will be another adventure in Mackman’s Technical Towers.

What Our Clients Say
We knew straight away that we wanted Mackman to be the brand agency to work with us on our project. We were given a real sense of confidence that they would do a great job and we were not proved wrong. We look forward to ‘growing together’ over years to come.
Jane Cotton, Board Director - ILECS (International Lift Consultants)

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