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ABL Doors may not be roofers but do make great doors

February 27, 2014.

Sometimes it makes sense to let experts do the work for you. This is something that I personally came to realise when my husband decided to take it upon himself to build our new garage last year. And became a story that my client at ABL Doors later enjoyed....

We had an old concrete bunker style garage that we wanted to replace with an oak framed car port. We bought the build-your own-car port kit online, it was delivered and and my husband took time off work to construct it. Two weeks later we had a wonderful oak framed garage complete with timber cladding sides but what was missing was a very essential roof. My husband planned to take another couple of weeks off work to do the roof. (Note - he is not a roofer and has no experience of laying tiles.) Time passed and still no roof materialised. About four months later a roofer called Danny came and knocked at our door offering his services. My husband politely took his card and declined saying that it was all in hand. After another 2 months of me driving my husband mad with references to 'how nice the garage would look once it had a roof' he agreed that he was never going to get it done himself and we got Danny the roofer in. One month later (a year after the garage project started), the garage was complete with beautiful Turkish clay tiles. Yes we may have a bit less money in our bank account but the job was done, we were relieved and we are the proud owners of the best looking garage in the street.

This story resonated with my client Andy Williams from ABL Doors who had asked us to develop some product literature for them earlier last year. We agreed that we would do the design and they would provide the words and photography. The project got off to a good start but then stalled when the photography and words needed to be provided. I remember telling Andy my garage story as I could completely emphasise with his situation. Andy's response was that he definitely wasn't a roofer and agreed to let us complete the copywriting and photography for the project. We worked in collaboration with the ABL Doors team to produce a wonderful brochure that shows the skill and craftmanship of their products. ABL Doors are extremely proud of of what we have achieved together, as are we.

What Our Clients Say
We knew straight away that we wanted Mackman to be the brand agency to work with us on our project. We were given a real sense of confidence that they would do a great job and we were not proved wrong. We look forward to ‘growing together’ over years to come.
Jane Cotton, Board Director - ILECS (International Lift Consultants)

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