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Adam takes on Dusk til' Dawn

October 3, 2014.

Our technical Developer, Adam Chamberlin, is taking part in a bike race this weekend, called 'Dusk til' Dawn'.

For those of us not part of the East Anglian bike scene, Dusk 'Til Dawn is the UK's original 12-hour night time mountain bike event. It will be running from 8:00p.m. Saturday night, to 8:00a.m. Sunday morning on the first weekend of October, in Thetford Forest. Why? That was exactly our question. We spoke to Adam to find out.

What made you want to take part in this bike race?

Simply because I've never taken part in an endurance bike race before. I've competed in road races, time trials and mountain bike races, but nothing much longer than an hour and a half. This type of endurance race is going to be completely different and something I've always wanted to do. It's exciting but kind of nerve wrecking at the same time.

Have you been training for the event?

No specific training for this race. But, I'm part of Hadleigh cycling club and have had a pretty heavy summer of cycling, taking part in a number of Mud, Sweat and Gears races and other events. I've been building up my fitness throughout the summer and this race is the finish line of my season of cycling if you like.

What is the course like? Are you doing it on your own?

The race will involve a network of single track mountain bike terrain, with the added challenge of being in the dark. You can tackle the course as a single rider however, I will be part of a team of two, taking on the race in a relay fashion. I will complete one lap, change over to my team mate, Brian Powell and change over again once he has completed his lap. The aim is for us to get round as many laps as possible in the 12 hours. Well, this is the plan anyway!

What are you most concerned about?

Mechanical hiccups. I will physically complete the race one way or another, but if my bike fails and I can't fix it, there's nothing you can really do about that. I'll be bringing two bikes with me as well as a tool kit of equipment but, fingers crossed I won't need it!

How do you plan to recover on Sunday?

Hadn't really thought that far ahead. Drive home to start with, and probably a day of recovery drinks and sitting on the sofa, a lot of sitting on the sofa.

To learn more about Adam and his role at Mackman, visit his Staff Focus page here.

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