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A run down of the CIM's Data-Driven Marketing Conference

December 1, 2017.

So you missed the CIM's Autumn Marketing Conference? Worried you won't get your data driven marketing fix?

Never fear, here's our conference run down:

Data driven marketing is "the strategy of using customer information for optimal and targeted media buying and creative messaging". Or in layman's terms, it's the practice of ensuring you deliver "the right message, to the right person, at the right time". The conference was designed to encourage the industry to embrace the exciting opportunities automation and data driven marketing offer.

The talks featured a wide range of spectacular speakers. From predictions of what the technological future might bring for marketers, to explanations of how to approach email in 2018; there were few corners left unexplored. Take a peak through our run down and get a taste of what you missed:

Magic and Machines - Lawrence Weber (Karmarama)

Lawrence Weber took us on a whistle stop tour of not only the current technological landscape, but also provided a glimpse into the potential, and probable, future. Weber took his title from the agenda of the incoming President of the IPA, Sarah Golding. He detailed that automation will free us from the minutiae of the daily work day. While machines undertake the legal checks, the images searches and the contact reports; we'll be free to weave our creative magic.

Within the next 3 years, Weber predicts that 85% of companies will be investing extensively in AI:

"What is interesting about technology is not that it is disruptive, but the speed in which it disrupts."

Traditional activities and industries once considered unassailable are now just one successful app launch away from crisis. Just consider the impact Airbnb has had upon the hotel business, and all without opening one hotel.

The resounding message from Lawrence Weber's talk was that the best preparation possible for the imminent future is simply to"work with technology and not against it".

What can programmatic do for you? - Darren Bond (Coast Digital)

Darren Bond delivered a fascinating overview of Programmatic, cluing us into not only how it currently works but also its potential. Programmatic can be used for: accurate customer targeting, cross platform campaigns, and dynamic and creative posts.

"Over $32 billion of ad spend in 2017 has been spent on programmatic advertising."

Plan on using programmatic in the future? Follow Darren's advice, segment your data and make sure it is in good order.

How to get email right in 2018 - Josie Scotchmer (Mailjet)

As the preferred communication channel for a massive 72% of consumers, the importance of email is obvious. Whereas new apps like Snapchat could disappear tomorrow, most people believe email will still be here in 10 years.

This means that refining your email practices is crucial. Following a negative transactional email experience, "93% of consumers would consider choosing a rival brand". Luckily, the secret behind creating the best email experience for your customers appears simple; all customers want is "an easy experience."

Being AdSmart - John Doyle (Sky Media)

Even now, TV accounts for 94% of all video advertising time. And in John Doyle's estimation, Adsmart advertisements represent the best of digital and TV.  Sky Adsmart shows different ads to different households watching the same programme. This allow brands to advertise to the right people first time. During Sky Adsmart ads there is 48% less channel switching than during standard ads in the first 3 positions in a break.

Adsmart, much like programmatic, demonstrates the potential technology has to connect brands directly with their ideal consumer.

Are you ready for GDPR? - Trevor Butler (Resolution Media)

GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, will be replacing the Data Protection Act in May 2018, and is a hot topic in marketing circles. The resounding message from Trevor Butler's talk was that there is "no such thing as a GDPR expert" and that if you are in any doubt to refer directly to the ICO.

Other highlights from Trevor's talk included:

  • GDPR is retrospective. To be compliant customers may need to re-opt into current databases.
  • Abuse of data, privacy and rules under GDPR could result in huge fines of up to £20,000,000 or 4% of your turnover.
  • GDPR will be about your proving you are correct - not the consumer proving you are wrong.

You need to be prepared, GDPR is coming!

Mind Your Language - Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor spoke about how to market more effectively to your audience. Neil explained that, for success, you must produce content with your audience in mind. Write more like you speak, keep to the point and cut out the jargon. A reader is far more likely to trust someone who speaks in the same way they do.

Neil also provided a fascinating insight into the sociological theories behind how to persuade people to buy into your idea/product. For instance, proximity plays a large part in decision making for people as does reciprocity. In all, people are far more likely to engage with something physically close to them, and to respond when they've been  offered something.

Enjoyed our data driven marketing conference run down? Keep an eye out for upcoming CIM events! You can visit the CIM East of England Marketing Events website . Or if you want to find out more about digital marketing's hot topic then why not read our GDPR post, to find out what it is and why it's so important.

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