CIM Marketing Club: Social Selling | 25th March 2020

CIM Marketing Club: Social Selling | 25th March 2020
March 5, 2020 Mackman
CIM Social Selling event details

In a world where consumers are using social media more and more as part of their daily routine, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to understand their customers’ online habits and behaviours. By employing a solid strategy, leads can be generated through social media that are seven times more likely to close. However, social selling requires a different approach to traditional sales tactics, and this CIM Marketing Club event at the University of Bedfordshire focuses on development of a social media strategy and understanding customer journeys on social media platforms. Our Managing Director Paul Mackman sits on the CIM Board for the East of England responsible for CIM events across the region.

On social media, businesses are able to spectate as customers discuss their brand and product, engage these customers through targeted advertising, and ultimately convert them into leads and sales. Simon Badman, professional social media trainer at SocialB, will discuss techniques for achieving all of the above, as well as how to measure and monitor your return on investment to ensure that social selling is working for you.

Simon Badman is a Partner and Trainer at SocialB, an agency that specialises in social media and international digital marketing, where he coaches a wide variety of businesses. He joined the company in 2012, with a background that encompasses marketing, digital, and training, spanning over 25 years. As well as qualifications in adult teaching and online education, he also has qualifications in Google Ads.

Tickets for CIM members and students at the University of Bedfordshire are £10, while tickets for non-members are £20.

The event will last for an hour and a half. Registration and networking begins from 18:00; the event itself will start at 18:30 and end at 20:30.

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JM03 Business Pod M, University of Bedfordshire Business School, University Square, Luton. LU1 3JU.

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