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How To Keep Your Content Fit For SEO

May 19, 2021.
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As the online world becomes more prominent, websites are becoming bigger and richer than ever before. Therefore, you can expect the competition to be even more challenging. If your website has been around for a while, it can be expected that you will have years worth of content across your site.

However, having outdated, irrelevant and low-quality content means your competitors are outranking you. We will be looking at how you can make the most out of content on your site and how you should be updating it for SEO.

Revisit Outdated Content

Firstly, when revisiting old blog content you should be considering whether it is actually worth keeping. Outdated content referring to an event that has passed or a new product launch that is no longer being produced has essentially lost its purpose and is no longer relevant to your audience. You should consider removing these types of posts altogether and either redirect the old URL to a similar piece of new content or a 410 HTTP header. 

This type of work is called content pruning and just like a plant, if you remove the dead leaves and leave the best bits it helps the plant grow.

Some content may be old but still holds relevance, so in this case, it is worthwhile refreshing the copy. If you are using outdated statistics to back up your points, you should replace them with fresh and current data. These types of content are worth revisiting from time to time to ensure that they still hold their authority. 

When writing about frequently changing topics such as Google's Search Algorithm or image sizes for social media it's important to revisit these often as this content can quickly go out of date and you don't want to provide incorrect information to your users. 

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Undertake Keyword Research

When refreshing your content, you should take a look at a look at the keywords you were using. Are they still relevant? Do people use different phrases now? If you ensure that you are using the most appropriate and current keywords for your content, you may be saving yourself from missing out on precious traffic.

Likewise, you do not want to fall into the trap of becoming your own competitor. Make sure you are not using the same keywords for numerous different pieces of content. Carrying out keyword research can help you identify the best terms for your content and avoid keyword cannibalisation. If you are struggling to identify keywords for different posts, consider combining some articles if they are relevant to each other. 

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Implement Internal Linking

A simple solution to updating old content is to link to other relevant blogs across your site. What this does is helps search engines understand how your content connects. However, it is key that you are linking to content that is contextually relevant to what you are talking about. This helps search engines identify which content is the most important. 


There are various fixes you can make to your content in order to keep it fresh and relevant for SEO. Ensure you are maintaining relevant internal linking, implement keyword research, and ensure you are not competing with your own content. 

If you are looking for assistance with your website’s SEO, visit our Digital Marketing services or email our customer services team at customerservice@mackman.co.uk

Holly Hammond

Holly Hammond

Communication Intern

Holly is one of our communication interns and is a Multimedia Journalism graduate from the University of Essex. Her role as communication intern allows her to pursue her love for creativity and writing while building her experience in SEO, email marketing and social media marketing.

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