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Mackman donates website to anti-knife campaigner

January 4, 2011.

At the Mackman Group we are so impressed with Suffolk anti-knife campaigner, Holly Watson, that we've built her a website in order to support and communicate her vital message.

Holly Watson - anti-knife campaigner

Holly Watson - anti-knife campaigner

The website is an important part of Holly's ongoing campaign to break the negative cycle of bearing a blade. Holly aims to increase awareness and to change attitudes amongst young people regarding personal rights, protection and safety.

Holly Watson's life changed forever when her brother Lewis was fatally stabbed in Sudbury town centre during a night out with friends. Holly has since worked relentlessly to educate, inform and advise people about the dangers of knives. Demonstrating remarkable maturity and confidence for her years, Holly has used the press, social media, TV and radio to ensure her message is heard loud and repeatedly. She has also worked with police to launch a year-long knife amnesty in Suffolk and install mobile secure bins where blades can be disposed of safely and anonymously.

Paul Mackman said, 'I did not hesitate in helping to support Holly with the donation of a website for her campaign. She has demonstrated to others that one person can change attitudes and make a difference. I think she is a shining example to all in our community.'

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We knew straight away that we wanted Mackman to be the brand agency to work with us on our project. We were given a real sense of confidence that they would do a great job and we were not proved wrong. We look forward to ‘growing together’ over years to come.
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