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Quick Tips to Improve Your Website and Social Media Engagement

May 27, 2021.
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Particularly for small businesses, it may seem like you have no influence on how much engagement you get on your website, blog, and social media. However, there are simple actions you can do to better your chances of encouraging followers and potential customers to interact with your content. We will be taking a look at some of the things you can do to boost your visibility with your target audiences and improve engagement with your content.

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement is simply how many people are interacting with your business on its social media channels. This is comprised of the number of shares, likes, and comments that a page is receiving. The number of followers factors into this equation as well, although a page could have thousands of followers that are not engaging with its content.

The old adage of 'quality, not quantity' is especially relevant when it comes to social media content, as the posts you are spending time on need to be optimised for generating leads and boosting the profile of your business.

Encourage Your Customers

Let's start with your blog or website. One simple tip that you can take on immediately is to direct your customers to comment on and get involved with your content. This can be done by asking questions at the end of posts and articles to invite a discussion. For example, 'What do you think about this? Let us know down below!' How you sign off your post will greatly depend on the formality and type of business you have.

Optimise for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may seem daunting and technical, but it is a great organic way to encourage engagement as your website is far more likely to be seen by a larger audience if it is optimised. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Improving and updating old content to reflect current topics and to ensure it has all the relevant metadata
  • Ensuring your content is high quality and contributes something to the reader
  • Making sure your headings are clear and follow a logical structure
  • Linking back to your key posts/pages
  • Referring to your keyword research at all times

If you are looking for more help with optimising your site for SEO, please see our Digital Marketing services.

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Measure and Track Analytics

Make the most of tools such as Google Analytics to help you assess what pages do and do not receive a lot of traffic. Update the page content where necessary, use more appropriate keywords, and make sure the content is original. Having some actionable data will help you create a strategy based on what you need to change in order to improve your engagement.

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Interaction is Key

Now we will take a look at how you can improve your engagement with social media. It may be easy to simply use social media posts as an advertising tool, but you should also try to make the most of the other features at your disposal. For example, Stories on Instagram and Facebook can help you engage with customers and create highlights on your profile, meaning that the content is filed under relevant topics for users to interact with.

You can even post quizzes, polls, and questions that allow you to interact with and start discussions with your followers, and vice versa. This is also a great way to humanise your brand.

Mix up The Content

It can be hard to think outside of the box, but try to change up the types of content you post. Switch between infographics, photos, animations, videos, and GIFs where you can. Instagram in particular has all sorts of tools for this, such as Boomerangs for your stories. If you are also looking to widen your audience, this is a great way to show that you are up to date with current features - however, make sure that any posts on social media align with your brand's tone of voice, and serves a purpose beyond creating noise.

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Be Active

This is the biggest thing to note when it comes to social media. The positive impact of reaching out to engage with your followers is negated if you are unresponsive to their replies. Keeping active on your social channels will also help your brand be perceived as .

Post Relevant Content

Even though it is good to think outside of the box when it comes to social media, you should keep your content relevant. There is no harm in drifting into other topics especially to celebrate holidays and national days. But be careful with this, as you do not want to bombard your followers with irrelevant content. Doing this may cause your followers to completely disengage with you by unfollowing you.

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Quality Over Quantity

Although we noted that you should be active, you should also focus on the quality of your content as opposed to quantity. Followers will be more likely to engage with high quality and thought-provoking posts than content for its own sake.


Overall, you should give your customers and followers more reasons to want to engage with you as opposed to doing the opposite. Don’t be afraid of inviting your audience to interact with you! Although this can feel awkward, reaching out to potential customers will improve your chances of generating leads on your website and social media platforms.

If you are looking for more support to ensure that your time is well spent, please email our customer services team at customerservice@mackman.co.uk

Holly Hammond

Holly Hammond

Communication Intern

Holly is one of our communication interns and is a Multimedia Journalism graduate from the University of Essex. Her role as communication intern allows her to pursue her love for creativity and writing while building her experience in SEO, email marketing and social media marketing.

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