Mackman Research Gives Financial Verdict

Mackman Research Gives Financial Verdict
October 4, 2010 Paul

Mackman Research has delivered a key piece of business research to the financial advisory boutique Leoni Sceti Group, London.  Mackman Research was commissioned to conduct the customer research in June and completed 155 telephone interviews with small and medium sized enterprise business directors in England.  The purpose of the study was to explore the current funding environment for SME’s in England.  Questions were designed to gain insight into and understand the relationship that SME’s have with their key relationship banks and the funding community at large. Without doubt, the current financial climate had an influence on the business research survey results.

The outcome showed there was a north / south split in the availability of funding, with companies in the north finding it much more difficult to secure funds from banks and / or equity investors.  The business research also showed that although directors in the north have more frequent contact with their bank managers, they are much less satisfied with the service they receive. Patrick Leoni Sceti, managing director of the Leoni Sceti Group, says: “This research comes at a critical time for the future of the UK’s smaller businesses as we wait to see exactly where the government’s spending cuts will fall and who will be affected the most.”

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