McDonalds Moments

McDonalds Moments
September 4, 2014 Bruce

Our guilty pleasure has just launched a new campaign, celebrating its 40th anniversary by pulling at our heart strings. The trend to move away from the brash, shouting advertising is becoming the norm now, after John Lewis first started the trend. The beauty with McDonalds is that they capture a reality, rather than a dream world.

The series of images carefully placed with their message perfectly evoke moments we have all once experienced, whether it’s the wet rainy camping adventure that went wrong, to the early morning trip back from the hospital. The campaign demonstrates the importance of images within design and how the simplest ideas can communicate the strongest messages.

Alongside the posters, the campaign they have rolled out includes a series of ads that combine the same warm, honest and evocative style of photography, coupled with well chosen sound tracks. Pairing the Thin Lizzy’s ‘Boys are back in town’, with the embarrassing moment after passing our driving test, seems to connect a brand we all love to hate with occasions in our lives that bring a smile to our faces.


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