Adam Chamberlin

Head of Development
As the head of digital development at Mackman, I am responsible for all things that relate to bits and bytes.

As the head of digital development at Mackman, I am responsible for all things that relate to bits and bytes, from clients' websites right down to the phones the Mackman staff use. Through the digital team I plan and budget all the development of client sites. This not only includes your nice fancy new site but also evaluating your current site and how best to manage any required migrations or existing content.

We don't just sit back once you have the keys to your site, we keep an eye on its pulse and ensure that it continues to work for you and perform as required. Outside of client work I also manage the day to day tech requirements of the company. Yes, I am the one they call when their printer won't work and I will tell them to turn it off and on again.

Currently I'm undertaking a OU degree in sport and coaching, and whilst that feels very removed from my digital day, the crossovers are not that far apart. As with anything you need to practice skills and push outside comfort zones to reach those next levels. See the video below for further details on my involvement in sport and coaching.

What is your favourite part about working for Mackman?

Mackman feels like an extended family. The people and staff are so supportive and welcoming and so I would be hard pressed not to say this is the best part of my job. Although being a developer nerd type I do love a good coding challenge.

What has been your favourite client project and why?

The last one and the next one. It is so difficult to pick one project, they are all so unique and present their own challenges and rewards. Yes, the big data sites can present themselves as a technical hurdle and really push your knowledge, but those small sites mean so much to the client. They are all equally important to me.

What has been an inspirational motto or quote for you in your career?

When I first started taking part in sporting events a coach once told me to relax and not stress when you get to the start line. “Control the controllables” was the message I recited to myself. This has helped my sporting adventures but also rings very true in my working career. No matter what the task, as long as I have done everything in my control to ensure it performs as required, we are sure to succeed.

Adam Chamberlin, Head of Development | Mackman Branding and Marketing Agency

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