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Chay Kelly

Technical support and digital marketing
Supporting our clients with their queries and growing their business online

Hi, I'm Chay, and I work at Mackman doing a range of jobs from digital marketing to admin to support. I've been working in some sort of marketing since 2017 - to begin with, it was social media automation and growth, and I then moved more towards digital marketing with a focus on SEO. I've always enjoyed playing around with lots of different tools and software which makes it easy for me to pick things up!

What does your typical day look like at Mackman?

My day usually starts with checking and replying to emails, Microsoft Teams messages and support tickets. I also take a quick look at our website analytics to make sure everything is running smoothly. After those quick checks, it's time to get stuck into some project work - this could be something for a client or it could be an internal project.

What is your favourite part about working for Mackman?

I enjoy working with a team of specialists as it means we can all learn from each other.

What sort of activities do you enjoy in your free time?

In the summer it's all about getting out on the bike, having friends over and BBQing. In the winter I usually end up tinkering with lots of little projects and cooking as the weather isn't great.

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