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Sector Spotlight: Renewables, Energy & Environment

May 27, 2021.
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The renewables, energy and environment sector is always looking to grow and change with the times in order to gain an advantage over competitors. Our projects within the sector often stem from conducting thorough insight into the client’s customer base. So today, we will look over some of our projects within the sector.


Electrical Oil Services is the UK’s market leader for the supply of recycled and unused electrical oils. Despite the industry being often perceived in a negative light due to its environmental impact, EOS has implemented innovative environmentally conscious processes. 


However, EOS were not conveying this in their branding as effectively as they could have. This meant that they were not standing out from their competitors. Therefore, EOS approached us looking for a brand refresh founded on insight via a customer satisfaction survey. EOS wanted their branding to illustrate their individuality whilst still being appealing to their audience. Customers were invited to take part in the survey where the findings uncovered that EOS had a dedicated customer bas. This cemented the belief that the brand is a leader in supplying reclaimed insulating oil. The results from the research also highlighted areas for improvement, which were able to be used to inform the subsequent rebranding of EOS including the logo and strapline. 


The insight phase of the project revealed that there was a gap between where EOS wanted to be and how their customers positioned them. It was apparent that their branding was tired and in need of a refresh. We honed in on their environmentally conscious approach when working on the rebrand. This included their brand messaging to ensure that they were being positioned correctly. To guarantee that their messaging would stay strong, consistent and in line with their values, we created customer archetypes. A key element of the project was the new strapline ‘Trusted Purity’ to enhance their environmentally conscious message and unique selling point. Combined with the green colours in their branding, their environmental focus was now at the forefront of the business. The new branding presented a fresh image that was identifiable and set EOS apart from their competitors. 

Read our full case study on EOS.

“Mackman demonstrated an ability to understand our business, needs and aspirations. They gave us a strong brand that not only made us attractive to our customers, but helped us secure a deal with HCS Group too.”

Andy Bartram, Sales Manager, EOS LTD


Specflue are a leading UK supplier of chimney, flue and renewable energy solutions. They were founded in 1992 as an independent company, before expanding across the UK and introducing new product lines. 

Benchmark Study

Specflue came to us looking to improve the overall quality of their customer service. When working with Specflue, Mackman Research undertook two research projects, with the first being a benchmark study. The first study aimed to gather insight into the current service levels with the data being used to inform changes to help Specflue's business grow. We designed a questionnaire based on the objectives of Specflue to assess the levels of customer service across the business. The survey was conducted over telephone, where effort was made to work with as many clients as possible within the set 6 week time scale.

The results of the study showed that Specflue had a loyal customer base, with Mackman Research achieving 25% above the target response rate. Although the results demonstrated that Specflue had excellent levels of customer service, it also identified areas which could be improved, from which recommendations were drawn. The outcome of the study also provided direction for possible future action for the business, and competitor information.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Following on from the benchmark study, Specflue approached us four years later to conduct another customer satisfaction and perception survey. The survey aimed to determine how the brand is perceived, how it can meet future demands, and where the current customer satisfaction levels stand. Similarly to the benchmark study, customers were invited to take part in the telephone survey which would last between eight and twenty five minutes. Initially the target was to survey 250 customers, but the results saw 360 respondents take part. The outcome of the study helped provide guidance for Specflue to shape their products, services and exceed competitors. 

Read our full study on the outcome of the Specflue projects.

“I would not hesitate to work with Mackman again. The staff are friendly and approachable and took the time to understand what we are trying to achieve. They always kept me updated on progress; they are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, have a 'can-do' approach and never missed any deadlines set.”

Maria Marston-Fuller, Project Manager - Specflue


The renewables, energy and environment sector has proved to be one heavily founded on insight, resulting in large scale projects. The different objectives and results make for a challenge but ultimately leave all parties with informative and positive results.

If you are looking for support with your branding please see our services pages or alternatively, email our customer services team at customerservice@mackman.co.uk

Holly Hammond

Holly Hammond

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Holly is one of our communication interns and is a Multimedia Journalism graduate from the University of Essex. Her role as communication intern allows her to pursue her love for creativity and writing while building her experience in SEO, email marketing and social media marketing.

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