Content marketing

Content marketing
August 11, 2017 Bruce

We believe in producing quality content that is crafted with the user in mind, no matter whether it’s in print, on a website, for a press release, in an email or a tweet.

If a business’ content doesn’t support a key objective and/or fulfil a user’s needs, then it’s time to look at how information is created and disseminated.

Content is what shapes the design and functionality of a website, the look and feel of an email and what your brochure will come out like. It’s the standard by which websites are judged by search engines and it’s what drives user engagement online. Whether you’re looking to update your website, send out a retention email campaign or put a poster in your shop window, the content you use is at the heart of every communication channel.

Content is an integral part of a brand’s identity and should be treated with the same care and attention as an organisation’s visual identity. A company might have the slickest logo or design, but if their content falls short, it’s their overall credibility that suffers.

Influence, inform, engage, convert and measure

Well considered, quality content increases the authority of an organisation like nothing else. By publishing information that will make your user better informed can have a direct impact on leads and sales. By carefully curating your content so that it appeals to your target audiences, you’re increasing the likelihood that your customers will engage positively with your organisation.

Good content not only influences engagement levels, but can be one of biggest contributing factors to a conversion. By defining clear goals for what a piece of content needs to achieve, organisations are able to measure its success and calculate a return on marketing investment as a result.

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