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Social media marketing

Social media marketing
August 11, 2017 Bruce

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & Twitter are perhaps the best known social media channels that offer new marketing opportunities for businesses to develop their communication with various target audiences.   These might include clients, prospects, suppliers, employees and work referrers.  In our experience many business owners have an awareness of the potential marketing importance to their organisation of social media but often lack the knowledge or resources to maximise the marketing opportunity.

Relevant to your brand

When using social media such as Facebook & Twitter we need to ensure that we are talking about subjects in an interesting and relevant manner.  The subject matter should be relevant to your brand but not necessarily just about your products or services.  The key is to generate good content on a regular basis that encourages people to keep clicking through.  Importantly if the content is sufficiently interesting it will be referred on or recommended to other users (i.e. tweets) and this has a positive impact upon your seo (search engine optimisation).

Social media part of your marketing tool kit

Social media is about starting a conversation that encourages a relationship with your brand or strengthens an existing one.  It is just one of the many tools in your marketing tool kit and should be used in conjunction with other activities.

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