How To Add A WordPress Menu Item

August 11, 2021.
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We often have clients ask how to add new items to their website menus, make them open in new tabs or add dropdown links so we've put together a guide on how to do just that!

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard

    Navigate to the WordPress dashboard. Generally, this is Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Appearance, then menus, along the left-hand sidebar

    Hover over the appearance tab on the left hand sidebar menu and click on the 'Menus' option. If this option is missing it may be that your menus are edited elsewhere or you don't have the correct permissions to edit the menus. Reach out to your support team for more information.WordPress Menus

  3. Select The Menu You'd Like To Edit

    At the top of the screen, there is a dropdown to select the menu you'd like to edit. Click the dropdown and select the menu you'd like to edit.Select the MordPress Menu you'd like to edit

  4. To Add New Item:

    To add a new item to the menu, use the selector on the left hand side. This area is broken down into pages, posts, custom links and categories. If you have extra features such as case studies or testimonials there may also be a section for these.

    To help you find what item you want to add to the menu you can filter by 'Most Recent', 'All Pages' or you can search for a specific page.

    To add the page click on the tickbox next to the post title and click 'Add to Menu'Add item to menu

  5. To Remove An Item:

    To remove an item from the menu, click the dropdown arrow on the menu item you want to remove. When that menu item expands you will see a 'Remove' button at the bottom.Remove Item From Menu

  6. To Add An External Link:

    To add a link to a different website such as a support portal or a sister brand you can use the 'Custom Links' option. Select the custom links option and add the URL as well as the text you want to display on the menu.Adding External Links

  7. To Open The Link In A New Browser Tab:

    To open the link in an external tab, expand your menu item using the dropdown arrow and then tick the 'Open in a new tab' option.

    If you can't see this option click the 'Screen Options' tab in the top right of your screen and make sure the 'Link Target' box is ticked.Open WordPress menu item in a new tab

  8. To Add A Nested Link:

    To create a nested/child link, add your menu item as your normally would (step 4). Once the link has been added to the menu you can use the drag and drop controls to move it underneath the 'parent' link and then by dragging the menu item out to the right it will become a nested link.Adding sub menu items WordPress

  9. Save Your Changes

    Remember to click the 'Save Menu' button at the bottom of your screen before leaving the menu area.

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