Web development

Websites – Clean design with clear well-considered navigation is essential if your website is to be successful and differentiate you from your competitors.

We adopt a holistic approach to website projects to ensure they offer your customers exactly what they want and need to make their relationship with you as smooth as possible.

The expertise of our teams include:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Content strategy (websites)

Web design and website development

A strong clean website design with clear well-considered navigation is essential if your website is to be successful and differentiate you from your competitors. Our expert design and development teams will ensure that your site adheres to the principles of your branding and communicates key brand messaging. Significantly the website design will be led by the strategic and functional requirements.

Our projects fall into the following categories:

WebCare is a package that comes with every website and is designed to ensure you can proactively use your website. We will tailor your WebCare to you exact requirements with entry level support including monthly analytics reporting, bug fixing where necessary and responsive email and telephone support for your website during normal office hours. There are other add-ons at extra cost which include content support, 24/7 performance monitoring and full website and database back up and email marketing.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

All the websites we build include a CMS as standard. This enables our clients to take control of their own websites and contribute to the regular updating of content without additional charges. We use WordPress as it lends itself to search engine optimisation (SEO), is easy to use and has a huge active community of users who share useful information. We have used WordPress as the foundation for some highly complex and innovative websites, with a recent project featured by the BBC (link to case study if relevant?).

Why do we use WordPress? Watch our video here.


Understanding how many people have visited your site, where these potential customers live, what they searched for and how long they spent on your site – and on which pages – are just some of the valuable data available on Google Analytics. Google Analytics can even tell you the impact of any off-site marketing, such as Google Adwords and email campaigns. When this information is interpreted by a specialist, it can be used to develop a strategy that will improve conversion rates.

Our specialist regularly meets with clients review information that will ultimately enhance your website. this includes identifying under performing areas and those that are particularly engaging, assessing your goals and developing a programme that will enhance your website to meet your goals.

Content marketing

Content is an integral part of a brand’s identity and should be treated with the same care and attention as an organisation’s visual identity. A company might have the slickest logo or design, but if their content falls short, it’s their overall credibility that suffers. If their content doesn’t support a key objective and/or fulfil a user’s needs, then it’s time to look at how information is created and disseminated. We produce content with the user in mind, whether it is in print, online, a press release, email or tweet.

Content strategy – websites

Content marketing strategy is a way of creating and distributing relevant and valuable information to connect and engage with a clearly defined and understood target audience. All of this is done with one purpose – to drive profitable customer actions.

Developing a strategy for the content on your website is one of the most efficient way to tell your audience about your products and services in a way that can be measured. We can create this content strategy for your website that aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

Working together

We know that you are experts within your field and we are your website development partner. Our role is to provide best practice advice and share decision making with you. Each website project will have unique requirements so the team is chosen accordingly. The team may include strategic specialists, researchers, content specialists, photographers and designers.

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