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WordPress: Why It’s Great.

June 14, 2021.
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When it comes down to content management systems (CMS), WordPress is likely the first name that comes to mind for most of us. With its incredible usability, vast community and wide range of business capabilities, how could it not be?

What is WordPress?

For those who are new to the website software scene, WordPress is generally the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. Powering over 40% of the world’s websites, WordPress is used by individuals as well as big businesses to power their websites and blogging activities. 

Why use wordpress?

It is open source

The most commonly used form is WordPress.org, and is open-source, meaning that users are granted plenty of freedom over their product. This includes the freedom to alter the source code and redistribute the software, and this makes WordPress incredibly versatile as you can literally do what you want with it.

You can work without the limits of proprietary software such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop, where only the creator or business behind them can control or modify the source code. WordPress.com is another variation of the software which works on a for-profit, paid service that is powered by the WordPress.org software. It remains simple to use, however you lose much of the flexibility of self-hosting.

Code for WordPress

WordPress has it’s own community

Due to its versatility, WordPress is incredibly popular, with a large community behind it. With this comes a vast collection of information and support which provides a great help for when you are starting something new or happen to find a bug.

Through a simple Google search, you are almost certain to find someone else in the WordPress community who has experienced the same problem and can offer a solution. Additionally, while WordPress is secure, should there be any security issues discovered, the community are always quick to identify and solve the issue. It is also common for information on the faults cause to be shared among this community.

WordPress is great for SEO

WordPress is built to stand out to search engines out of the box. It allows you to set up search engine friendly URLs such as /contact-us/, provides an XML sitemap, add image alt text and use a range of headings. With plugins such as Yoast or RankMath you can also easily edit your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions as well as control your robots.txt and no index directives.

All of these features go a long way to help make your website more visible and accessible to search engines.

Perfect for blog-writing

WordPress began its life as blogging software and remains especially suited for it. Its blogging setup is the best of any software out there and it is very easy to manage. With the choice to assign posts to different categories, attach tags and add featured images, the platform is very compatible with social posting. 

The addition of a blog is an invaluable way of creating a continual flow of content to your site. This is also a factor for search engines as it is a clear indicator that your site remains active, up to date and maintained.

Typewriter reading 'WordPress'


While atop the list of most used site building packages in the world, WordPress does face competition. However, although the two closest competitors, Joomla and Drupal are both free to download, offer similar services, add-ons and specialized functionality, they require a certain level of technical ability.

This includes knowledge of HTML, CSS and the programming language PHP. While WordPress does enable experienced users to operate at that level, it also offers features for beginners, allowing anyone new to set up a site quickly and easily, without any of the specialist knowledge.

The support WordPress provides for plug-ins boosts its functionality and usability ten-fold. While proficiency in HTML may help with the deeper customization of elements, plugins are here to make creating and selling functional websites accessible to the average user. 

It’s easy to learn

Whether you are training up new members of your team, training clients or just want to start your own personal blog/website, as explained above, WordPress offers a usable, easy-to-learn experience. From a personal point of view, the new team members we have recently trained at Mackman have managed to pick it up within a day or two, which is a testament to the simplicity of the software as not everyone has knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS or PHP.

Helps grow your business

WordPress plugins also make it easier to grow your business, offering simple, usable solutions to actions that often prove complicated or time-consuming. Whether you are looking to set up an eCommerce system, a booking system, or need a calendar of events added to your site, there’s a plugin for it. Plugins can save you time and money, the simple improvements to functionality can make growing your business an easier, less costly affair although it can be easy to get carried away and slow your site down by adding too many!

Useful SEO Plugins

There is a wide variety of Plugins to choose from and we would always recommend doing some research to find which work best for you. However here are two we use frequently at Mackman and regularly introduce to our clients.


Since 2008, Yoast SEO has been helping millions of websites across the world to rank higher in search engines. It comes with a variety of useful features. As well as helping you optimize your content, it also includes a built-in content analysis functionality that helps you to optimise your content.


Semrush SEO Writing Assistant works by providing instant recommendations for content optimization based upon the qualities of Google's top 10 ranking pages for your given location. It is perfect for content professionals, bloggers and marketing experts as we can check to see if our content meets their various content-quality requirements in just a few clicks.

Screen displaying plugins

As mentioned above, there is a great variety plugins out there to choose from. While these are the two we would recommend from first-hand experience, other names such as MonsterInsights, All in one SEO, Constant Contact and OptinMonster are also very popular and highly regarded plugins to consider.

The future of wordpress

When WordPress was first released in 2003, many were sceptical about how it would develop in the future. Now powering around 35% of websites across the internet, the doubters have been proven wrong as its market share continues to grow.

WordPress is constantly improving, with updates taking place in March, June, September and December of this year alone. These updates are developing key areas such as eCommerce capability, accessibility and security, three areas which will prove vital as WordPress continues to grow.

We love WordPress here at Mackman, we use it across our business, from content and SEO to website design and maintenance all of our teams love working with WordPress. If you are interested in learning more about this topic and our services, you can visit our Web Design and Development services page or email us at customerservice@mackman.co.uk.

Joe Richardson

Joe Richardson

Communication Intern

Joe is a communication intern at Mackman with a BA in History from Kingston University. Aside from his interest in content writing, he is also developing a curiosity in rich media and is aiming to learn more about this side of marketing as his experience grows.

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