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Market Research & Marketing Insight

Mackman market research and marketing insight specialists provide unbiased focus to your marketing strategies and tactics; ensuring maximum return on your marketing investment.

Mackman marketing insight is delivered by an experienced market research team. It provides a clear and deep objective understanding of the true nature of your brand environment to enhance and support your marketing activities.

Being a full service marketing agency means we have a multi-dimension view of brands and the universe in which they operate. Our research department is led by Dr Gemma Mackman, an experienced and leading market research specialist.

Customer Research and Insight

Our agency has worked with many leading brands to leverage customer insight as part of the process of  strengthening customer engagement and developing competitive advantage. We have developed a series of workshops that put our insight specialists together with groups of employees in a relaxed workshop setting to collaborate. These sessions have proved to be highly effective as a key element of customer defining, profiling, segmentation, customer journey mapping, key phrase research and brand perception excercises. Our researchers also undertake perception, satisfaction, brand tracking, focus groups and other customer research exercises such as mystery shopping and street surveys to contribute to customer insight.

Competitor Insight

All organisations compete with others to satisfy the needs and wants of customers profitably. The competitor research at Mackman helps to ensure that your brand is perceived to be distinctly different to other organisations who offer similar products or services to the same audiences that your brand has relationships with. A key component is to undertake tailored competitor research that allows us to position your brand in the market place and support brand development strategies.

Brand identity toolkits that define colour palette, imagery style, shapes, info-graphics, tone of voice, patterns, logo, strap-lines and other identity assets must be developed with a view of the wider market and their position within that market. This is also true when marketing channels are employed such as websites, social media, advertising and the broad marketing suite of materials.

Organisational Insight

Together with your senior leadership team our marketing insight specialists will work with you to define organisational objectives and vision & mission statements which provide a guiding hand to all your marketing activities.

Your employees are key stakeholders and from a marketing perspective should be seen as one of the target audiences for your organisational brand. Undertaking regular employee perception and satisfaction surveys is one of the methods we employ to feed into the internal brand insight.

An understanding of the internal resources available to a brand will ensure that targets, strategies and training plans are all realistic and achievable. Skill, knowledge or resource gaps will be addressed once identified. Mackman marketing specialists will support brands by providing training to staff in order that Mackman manage the provision of more specialist tasks.

“Mackman has helped us increase our understanding of our customers’ thoughts and future needs and provides an exemplary level of customer service to us.”

Sharlene Moffit – International Customer Service Manager, Twinings

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