Our digital marketing service allows you to reach and engage your customers online.

We work with you to create cost-effective and measurable digital solutions to target the customers you want to reach. Our range of digital marketing services from pay-per-click, social media, search engine optimisation and email marketing enable you to interact with people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. In an increasingly digital world, a methodical digital marketing strategy can help your business to grow and take advantage of online platforms to increase your visibility.

Digital marketing is, in essence, any form of marketing that exists online. It enables you to be agile and responsive to the latest trends, allows you to view the real-time results of your campaigns, and change your approach instantly to improve engagement. Our digital marketing services cater for all budgets, from large businesses to new start-ups. Digital marketing can be particularly effective for smaller enterprises, where a limited budget and resources can go a long way in making you competitive online in comparison to television and radio advertising, which both require significant investment. Our digital team can help to widen your geographic reach or zero in on particular groups of people. Our expertise coupled with a straightforward and collaborative approach can benefit organisations of all sizes and industries.

How we can help

A bespoke, expert-led process.

At Mackman, our digital marketing is delivered through a collaboration between our insight, strategy, communications, marketing and development teams to ensure that your digital strategy is reflective of your organisation’s needs and budget. Using every tool in our digital arsenal, we drive leads to your website and develop solutions to improve the user experience and maximise conversions. Our strategies are informed entirely by your requirements, either as part of a wider brand development project or on an individual basis. Whether you have an existing online presence that needs management and optimisation, or are completely new to the possibility of digital marketing and want to connect with new audiences, we can tailor a bespoke plan for you that achieves your marketing goals and informs future strategies.

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Digital Marketing Services

A range of digital marketing services to suit any online requirement.

At Mackman, we work with you to realise your business goals and enable sustainable growth. We use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Moz to ensure that you are ranking for specific key words related to your niche, and offer monthly SEO audits that give you advice and recommendations to keep you at the top of your game. Our approach is based on a solid grounding of insight, whether as part of an over-arching development project or on its own. Our experienced professionals are well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing, from the preferences of search engine algorithms to the optimum structure for website pages.

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Gemma Mackman, Research Director, Mackman Branding & Marketing Agency


Research Director

“Mackman demonstrated an ability to understand our business, needs and aspirations. They gave us a strong brand that not only made us attractive to our customers, but helped us secure a deal with HCS Group too.”

Andy Bartram – National Sales Manager

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Search Engine Optimisation

Insight-led SEO to help your website rank.

Before consumers are sure what particular service or product they’re looking for, the vast majority will turn to a search engine for research and to answer their questions. At Mackman, we optimise your online content for search engines so that your website is visible to those who are looking for any terms related to your product or service offering. We can carry out SEO improvements on any website to ensure that search engines are able to crawl and index it correctly, no matter the platform. In addition, all of the sites that we design and build are conceived of with SEO firmly in mind from day one, enabling you to rank higher on search engines and reach the audiences you need. Our SEO services come as part of our website package, where our digital team will review your search engine ranking position (SERP), enhance metadata, and ensure your content adheres to specific keywords and tags. The utilisation of keywords is a big part of SEO, allowing you to track how you rank for certain key terms within your sector. We also build links, driving traffic to your site and lending you a valuable vote of confidence from authorities in your industry.


Precisely targeted campaigns for your audiences.

Pay-per-click (PPC) allows you to place adverts on various marketing platforms and pay the host every time that advert is clicked on or viewed. The aim of these adverts is to drive traffic through to a specific page of your website, enabling site visitors to convert, for example through the purchase of a product, or a telephone enquiry about a service, or signing up for a newsletter. Advertising platforms include social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as search engines, like Google and Bing, which allow you to display ads that are relevant to what users’ interests are and what they are searching for. There are a number of targeting options available for PPC campaigns, including specific demographics, locations, dates, times, and devices. PPC campaigns therefore allow you to focus on specific segments of your audience. Our digital marketing team tracks your campaign, which can run from days to months, and provides a detailed report of the campaign’s performance, such as the number of conversions and cost per conversion, that can be used to inform future campaigns.

Paul Mackman, Managing Director, Mackman Branding & Marketing Agency


Managing Director –
FCIM Chartered Marketer

In any competitive market, what drives margin and growth and what separates one business from another – for employees, customers, partners, and investors – is the brand.”

Jim Stengel

Social Media

Generating leads and engaging with your customers.

84% of people with access to the internet use social media – regardless of what industry your business is in, it is highly likely that your customers are spending time on channels like Twitter or Facebook, so it is more important than ever to have a social media presence, particularly in the B2C sector. With digital marketing, you can significantly increase your brand recognition by communicating with your customers and networking with similar businesses. We can set up social media advertising campaigns to connect you with your customers and measure the results to further refine your audiences. Our campaigns can direct your customers to your website and raise brand awareness among the demographics and user groups that you want to reach the most. In addition, although managing a social media channel requires very little expenditure of money, investment of time is essential to benefit your brand and reach wider audiences. We can produce a regular stream of relevant and timely social media content at a minimum of three posts per week based on industry news, blog pieces, behind-the-scenes insights and relevant hashtags to maintain the presence of your business on social media and encourage conversation among followers.

Bruce Burgoyne, Creative Director | Mackman Branding & Marketing Agency


Creative Director

User Experience Optimisation

Increasing your conversion rate, facilitating user experience.

When a potential customer clicks into your website, you have about 3 seconds for them to find what they are looking for before they leave again. User experience, or UX, can make or break a website: it can look beautiful and provide all the information visitors could ever want, but is it simple to use? Does it load quickly? Are there errors or bugs? Our digital and development teams optimise websites for user experience, increasing the time that users spend on each page, engaging them, ensuring that the information that they are looking for is clearly presented, and ultimately facilitating more conversions. This is a partnership between content and digital, allowing for the most natural and intuitive experience possible. The more fluid a website’s conversion process is, the more encouraging it becomes for leads to convert, and imbues your website – and therefore your brand – with trust.

“If you think that good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Dr. Ralph Speth – CEO Land Rover

Email Marketing

Send your brand messaging direct to customers’ inboxes.

Email has wide reach – virtually anybody who is online has an email address, and over 293 billion emails are sent each day around the world. As a form of digital marketing, email provides highly measurable results in the form of ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’, and it can be fully automated to send emails to customers. At Mackman, our email marketing platform of choice is Mailchimp – however, we are happy to help you select your own platform based on your needs and budget. Our digital team is experienced with using ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor and Send Grid among others, so we can use a platform that you’ve already set up. Mailchimp is secure, highly customisable, and GDPR compliant. Its marketing CRM tools enable you to find out what your customers’ interests are, while built-in analytics update in real time to give you performance reports and data-driven insights. Your audience can be segmented so that you differentiate your messaging quickly and easily. The block editor interface allows you to create templates and design specific emails for particular purposes, meaning that if you choose to manage your own email output, you can maintain your brand style and send out emails quickly and easily. We provide Mailchimp training to ensure that you have the tools you need to create on-brand marketing emails.

Digital Strategy

Plan your future-facing marketing tactics with us.

In today’s world, digital and mobile channels are crucial if you are looking to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. However, the sheer scope and scale of digital marketing means that an effective digital strategy is essential to help achieve your marketing goals. The potential of digital can be harnessed through the development of tactics, planning, and optimising your digital marketing to best effect. At Mackman, as part of a collaborative process with you, we can help design and refine your digital strategy to ensure that you maximise the potential of digital marketing. We take the time to get to know your business and your specific requirements so that we can assess the value that digital can add to your business and set achievable and measurable targets for your digital marketing.

A comprehensive portfolio of Digital Marketing services

Ready, steady, grow…

All of our digital marketing services are carried out in-house, and we have proven success…

Whether you’re a start-up needing the right foundations to build trust with your audience or established in your market and looking for the next stage of growth, contact us today so we can start the process of planning your digital marketing strategy and identifying areas that you want to focus on.

How We Work

Our approach to digital marketing is focused around showing a return on investment and is data driven. All of our digital advertising campaigns are fully tracked from when they receive your email or click on your ad to when they checkout. This allows us to constantly improve your digital advertising efforts by changing the messaging, design and experience to help drive more conversions from your budget.

Our SEO campaigns are also data driven, tracked and reported on. We carry out quick initial checks before we start any SEO work, taking a look at where you currently are in terms of search engine results page rankings, your current website traffic, and the number of impressions and clicks your website currently gets. Once we have a baseline we’re then able to start your SEO campaign and provide you with reports on improvements in your rankings, website traffic and impressions and clicks.

Adam Chamberlin, Head of Development, Mackman Branding & Marketing Agency


Head of Development

“From the moment we left our first meeting with Mackman, we knew straight away that we wanted them to be the brand agency to work with us on our project. We were given a real sense of confidence that Mackman would do a great job and we were not proved wrong. We look forward to ‘growing together’ over years to come.”

Jayne Cotton – Director, ILECS

Why Mackman

Mackman is a full service brand development, branding and marketing agency based in the vibrant market town of Sudbury on the Essex Suffolk border. We work with ambitious organisations of all sizes, across many sectors, with our driven team of marketing specialists who are dedicated to developing growing brands. Clients tell us that they value our ability as a partner to use marketing to solve business challenges. 

Our unifying strap-line is ‘together we grow’ which speaks about the relationships that we have with our clients, suppliers and colleagues. We focus our marketing across six core marketing pillars; marketing insight, brand development, marketing consultancy, communications & content marketing, website development, training and knowledge sharing.