We’ve recently launched a brand new website for Sudbury-based fabric weaving company, Humphries Weaving. The site looks to invite people to find out about what happens behind their office doors on Cornard Road, the prestigious projects they’ve worked on and their contribution to Sudbury’s silk manufacturing history.

Humphries Weaving has led the custom weaving industry for more than forty years. It invested in a new website to showcase its internationally acclaimed work that can be found in royal palaces, museums, British Embassies and luxury residences both in the UK and abroad.

“The new website gives people a unique access to the vast catalogue of historic and contemporary projects we have had the privilege of working on”, said Richard Humphries MBE, Director of Humphries Weaving.

“For the first time, it brings together examples of the textiles we create and the stories behind them to give a fascinating insight into the beautiful work created here in Sudbury.”

The website also explores the companies heritage and the history of silk weaving in the town. Sudbury has always been a major fabric manufacturing centre, with large amounts of production taking place in the famous, long terraces of three-story weavers cottages which are still a feature of the town’s landscape today; Melford road, East street, Station road and Cross street.

The site incorporates a new logo, which looks to emphasise their prestigious position within the market and the importance placed on their heritage, whilst the new colours and style of the website adds an innovative 21st Century twist.

Hannah Marshallsay, our Client Lead at Mackman, said “It was vital to create a site that reflected the professionalism and reputation of the Humphries Weaving brand.”

“Equally, the site needed to be simple to use. Our web developers and creative design team have made sure visitors to the website can easily search through the wide range of projects by different categories. For example, users can filter by colour of material or customer sector the project served, from the National Trust to projects for large institutions.”

Visit the new website here: www.humphriesweaving.co.uk.