Adding a NextGen slideshow to your WordPress template

November 29, 2010.

After searching the web for quite some time I couldn't find any simple plugins to add a NextGen slide show to our WordPress site's template easily!

In order to achieve this I've added a few simple steps:

  1. Create your banner placeholder in the header.php or template of your choice.
  2. Make a note of the height you want your new banner to be. (eg. 300px).
  3. Create your NextGen gallery as normal and set your slide show dimensions to the height of your banner container (div).
  4. Make a note of the Gallery ID (you will need this later to add to your template.
  5. Add the images to your gallery at the exact px dimensions you want your slideshow banner to be.
  6. Add the following code to the template of header.php of your wordpress site.
  7. shortcode syntax
  8. Replace the id value with the same number as your slideshow (as noted earlier).
  9. Save your file and preview.

You will now be able to add images directly into the NextGen plugin and see them rotate beautifully in your website banner.

Bruce Burgoyne

Bruce Burgoyne

Creative Director

Bruce is a multi-disciplinary designer and bridges both brand, print and digital design. With over 20 years’ experience in the creative industries as a practising photographer and former degree lecturer, and over 14 years at Mackman, Bruce has developed the strategic brand identity and brand architecture strategies that are so intrinsic to Mackman’s offering today.

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