When you discuss branding with a branding agency like ours then the conversation will quickly move on from one of logos and trade marks. Branding and logo are not the same thing although the two are commonly confused.  A branding agency will consider a number of branding elements of which the logo is just one:

  • Brand name
  • Brand values
  • Target audience
  • Logo and brand mark
  • Typefaces and fonts
  • Colour palette
  • Dimensions and positioning
  • Style and tone of voice
  • Strap-line or tag-line
  • Trade marks
  • Sub brands
  • Style of photography
  • Alternative options and when to use them

Although the logo is clearly an important element and frequently the focus of those new to branding, a logo should be considered as a part of the suite of branding elements. An effective branding agency will consider these elements when developing branding and document the visual elements comprehensively using “brand guidelines” to ensure that a brand is consistent in its representation. Once a brand has been developed, a brand identity toolkit will allow you to create a consistent feel across all of your marketing activity.

Visually a brand will use a logo (often in a variety of forms according to application) alongside elements such as complementary fonts, colours and clean space.  A logo will usually have a particular colour assigned to it often defined by a Pantone reference for reproductive continuity purposes.  The logo mark is a small part of the visual branding process as illustrated by how recognisable a major supermarket brand is if you were to enter the store after all copies of their logo had been removed.  You would still recognise the brand despite the absence of logo.

Effective brands are those that elicit a positive emotional response from target audiences and standout by differentiating themselves from their competitors.  Premium brands must invest in the development of their branding and this is too important a task for the amateur.  Brand specialists understand the evolution of brands and ensure that common pitfalls are avoided.  As a full-service branding agency Mackman encompasses the broad skills from our team of specialists when we deliver branding.  We have hundreds of examples of successful branding solutions implemented since our first project in 2003. Leading brands evolve over time as part of an ongoing process.

Surely all premium brands need to employ the services of an external branding agency at some stage, unless of course they have the capabilities in-house which means that they are probably a branding agency 😉

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