We are delighted that our sister company Mackman Research has the opportunity to collaborate with Essex County Council on a research project that will inform their support for Essex businesses. To help the Council to establish a programme of support for businesses, Mackman Research has crafted a comprehensive questionnaire to aid the Council’s understanding of Essex businesses’ needs, particularly pertaining to COVID-19 and ‘Brexit’.

The questionnaire has been designed to thoroughly investigate where resources can be directed to assist businesses with employment related challenges and to help them broaden and diversify their skills. At its heart, the aim of the research project is to assess Essex County Council can aid business recovery at a time when COVID-19 is affecting livelihoods and businesses all over the country. It is therefore important that we get as many opinions and perspectives as possible from the business community within Essex.

We want to hear from Essex businesses! Our researchers have been making contact with Essex businesses, so if you missed a call from Mackman Research concerning a research project or questionnaire, please get in touch with us. Call 01206 625222, or email customerservice@mackmanresearch.co.uk. Alternatively, if the research does not apply to you, but you know of family or friends who we have reached out to, please encourage them to speak to us and complete the survey. By participating, you will be able to register your opinion on the way Essex County Council supports businesses in the days ahead, and help your local community’s recovery.

Learn more about the research project

To find out more about our work with Essex County Council and to get more information about the research project, visit our dedicated page on the Mackman Research website.

What is the deadline for completing the survey?

The survey closes on Tuesday 20th October 2020, midnight, UK time.