Knowledge-Weave Seek Volunteers To Trial Leadership Training Program

Knowledge-Weave founders Dr Jenny Smith and Ari Taqi are actively seeking participants to trial their new 6-month training program, Empower. If you’re an aspiring leader, we encourage you to apply for this fantastic opportunity. To learn more, please visit the Knowledge-Weave website.

Suffolk Free Press clipping - Knowledge-Weave seeks volunteers to trial new scheme | Branding Services delivered by Mackman.
Knowledge-Weave feature in the Suffolk Free Press, seeking trialists for their new training program, Empower.

Introducing Knowledge-Weave

Skepsis Learning, founded by Dr. Jenny Smith, introduced Knowledge-Weave, a new service aimed at offering training and learning resources to professionals. In 2023, Jenny and her Co-founder, Ari Taqi, collaborated with Mackman to undertake a comprehensive branding services programme, which included brand identity development, website design, and brand photography.

Branding Services Programme

We provided Knowledge-Weave with a full branding services programme. The scope of works included:

  • Logo Identity
  • Typeface
  • Brand Colour Palette
  • Template Toolkits
  • Brand Photography
  • UX Design
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Copywriting

Here’s some examples of the work we produced:

knowledge-weave Logo | Branding Services delivered by Mackman
Brand Identity – Primary Logo
Training and guidance to develop your thinking toolkit | Branding Services delivered by Mackman
Strategic Marketing Support – Key Messaging
A visual of the knowledge-weave discord banner including a logo and image of business owners | Branding Services delivered by Mackman
Website Design
A man and a woman pointing towards a laptop smiling | Branding Services delivered by Mackman
Brand Photography
A visual of the knowledge-weave letterhead design | Branding Services delivered by Mackman
Template Toolkit

Knowledge-Weave Case Study

We look forward to sharing the full case study showing the extent of our work with Knowledge-Weave on our website soon. If you’re currently seeking assistance with a project, feel free to explore our case studies page for additional examples of our branding and marketing work. To discuss your project further, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of branding and marketing specialists.