Having a plan of action in place, should an incident arise, is often what prevents a minor issue from becoming a full blown crisis. The key to successfully managing a crisis is the development of a full-service monitoring and response strategy before anything occurs. In many instances, it’s not the issue which damages an organisation, but the crisis that arises if the issue is not dealt with effectively. Stakeholders tend not to dwell on the issue, but will certainly remember how it was handled.

Managing an issue is when Mackman’s integrated approach to PR really comes into its own. Our crisis management PR team is coordinated by an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) who was trained by the previous Director General, and now Fellow, of the Institute, on the subject. Your dedicated team will also be made up of company directors, communication specialists, video experts, website support staff, and award-winning customer service representatives.

At Mackman, we couldn’t value ‘planning’ highly enough when it comes to this area of publicity. This why our team of experts will come to fully understand your business, and its position within your industry, identify and monitor any potential issues, create crisis response teams, provide media training, prepare all background company literature in advance, and build all of these elements into a strategy that will guide the company through a crisis, should problems arise.

To find out how our team can support you and your business, give us a call on 01787 388 038, or email customerservice@mackmangroup.co.uk.