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Branding & Brand Development

Branding & Brand Development

Branding is not just about your logo or visual identity, brands are as unique as individuals, with similarly complex personalities. Our brand development team work with you to close the gap between your brand, your customers and other target brand audiences.

The most successful brands are those with the closest fit between the intended and perceived brand messages. Our approach to branding & brand development strengthens the relationships that your brand has with your customers and encourages growth regardless of organisational size or sector.

We work with you to make informed branding decisions on what your brand should be saying, how it should be said and where it should be said.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is how you structure your brands and their relationships within your organisation. It is a brand building process as relevant to start-ups as large organisations. Your strategic decision making at Board level determines your brand architecture. Mackman will identify and define the right model for your organisation, be it a ‘House of brands’, ‘Endorsed brands’, ‘sub brands’ or ‘branded house’.

Brand Identity

This aspect of your brand is what most people associate with the term branding and relates to the visual systems such as logo, colour, type, pattern etc that support your brand. There are many factors that will influence brand identity decisions such as brand architecture, ‘positioning’, ‘brand personality’, and your ‘brand promise’. Our branding team create brand identity solutions that resonate with target audiences.

Brand Governance

Brand governance is about protecting the investment and decisions made during architecture and identity processes.  Branding starts from within an organisation and needs to be owned across internal teams. Our solution encourages the use of brand tools by all employees recognising that they are all brand ambassadors. We have created an online brand toolbox called ‘BrandBag’ that unlocks the ability to create consistent brand material.

Brand Strategy

Brand development is about creating a solid strategy that underpins any brand activity.  Your brand strategy should be driven by the principles of differentiation and sustained customer appeal and will inform any creative tactical activities.  Our branding specialists develop bespoke brand strategies to ensure that your brand is clearly and effectively positioned in your market place.

Typically we consider five main brand strategy drivers:

  1. Delivering product or service offerings that match the needs of the market.
  2. Developing a positioning that positively differentiates your brand from that of your competitors.
  3. Look to create a brand essence that connects brand and customer on an emotional level.
  4. Ensuring that at each touch-point perceived value is delivered as part of the brand promise.
  5. Use an integrated and effective communications strategy to create widespread reach and awareness of brand positioning amongst targeted segmented customers and stakeholders.

 Spotting brand strategy success

The success of your brand strategy may be assessed by reviewing how your brand is perceived against the following criteria:

  1. Is your brand different to your competition?
  2. Is it of better quality than the competition?
  3. Does your brand have an excellent customer service facility?
  4. Is your brand constantly supplying added value?
  5. Does your brand have a clear and concise brand essence and proposition?
  6. Is your brand supported by a strong communications programme?
  7. Does your brand deliver consistency and reliability over time?
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“From the moment we left our first meeting with Mackman, we knew straight away that we wanted them to be the brand agency to work with us on our project. We were given a real sense of confidence that Mackman would do a great job and we were not proved wrong. We look forward to ‘growing together’ over years to come.”

Jayne Cotton – Director & Company Secretary

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