Client Overview:

Utility Installation Projects (UIP) stands out as a beacon in the engineering services sector, specializing in renewable energy, electricity, and water pipe installations. Based in Suffolk with a national reach that extends to landmark international projects, UIP’s modern approach breaks away from the traditional model of independent engineering contractors. Their commitment to leveraging digital platforms for enhanced communication marks a pioneering shift within the industry.



In late 2020, UIP sought to elevate its market position from a small family enterprise to a leading, sustainable brand. This ambitious transformation required a strategic overhaul encompassing brand identity, digital presence, and market positioning. The overarching goal was to enhance profitability, saleability, and long-term growth.


Mackman, a full-service branding and marketing agency, was approached to spearhead this transformation. Our comprehensive solution integrated business planning, in-depth research, brand development, website optimisation, and digital marketing, alongside continuous marketing communications support. This collaborative effort aimed to not only refresh UIP’s brand identity but also to establish a robust online presence that aligns with its innovative services.

Our Process:

  1. Market Insight and Strategy Development:
    • Conducted extensive competitor analysis, organisational insight, persona segmentation, and key phrase research.
    • Identified UIP’s strengths as perceived reliability and professionalism among customers and high job satisfaction among employees.
  2. Branding and Digital Presence:
    • Recognised the need for a stronger digital and social media presence to outpace competitors.
    • Implemented a cohesive tone of voice across all communications to reflect UIP’s core values and market positioning.
    • Revamped the brand identity, including a modern, flexible logo and a versatile colour palette to enhance both digital and physical branding collateral.
  3. Website and Digital Marketing:
    • Launched a refreshed website with comprehensive information for potential clients, supported by a full suite of daily use marketing assets.
  4. Authentic, high quality photography:
    • We developed a rich and authentic tone of photography helping to elevate the quality of their brand material.
    • We continue to support UIP with ongoing video and photography case studies to maintain a high standard.


The partnership between UIP and Mackman has led to significant growth and market positioning improvements. The rebranding efforts have not only modernized UIP’s image but also established a solid foundation for continued advancement into the future. UIP now boasts a vibrant website and a dynamic suite of marketing tools, ensuring its strong presence in the competitive landscape of engineering services.


UIP’s journey from a small family-run business to a leading name in the engineering sector underscores the power of strategic brand development and digital marketing. Mackman’s full-service approach, focused on long-term growth and brand consistency, has set UIP on a path of continued success, showcasing our commitment to elevating brands through innovative solutions and comprehensive support.