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  • Jun252019
    Planning a Research Project

    Planning a Research Project

    Gaining meaningful insight into your market, and the experiences of customers, provides direction for future business strategies. Feedback from your…

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  • Feb082019
    Marketing Matters - The Value of Customer Research & Insight

    The Value of Customer Research & Insight

    Customer research should be at the heart of your current and future strategies. Find out more about the value of customer research and insight, here.

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  • Sep032018
    Marketing Matters - Why Customer Experience is essential to your brand

    Why Customer Experience is essential to your brand

    Great customer experience should be at the centre of everything you do as a business. Put simply, in order to…

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  • Feb262018
    Research & Insight: What is a competitor

    Insight into the 4 Competitors You Might be Missing

    Welcome back to business 101. Think you’ve got a handle on your market place? Indirect competitors could be operating under your radar.

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  • Sep262017
    Marketing Consultancy: How to tactically market to your user

    The User’s Needs – How to Tactically Market to your User


    Read our rough guide to understand how you can create and implement realistic marketing strategies that are designed to meet your user’s needs.

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  • Jan272016
    What makes a good researcher dictionary definition

    What Makes A Good Researcher?

    Here at Mackman, clients and colleagues frequently ask – what makes a good researcher? So we thought we’d sum up some of the qualities we believe make up a great researcher…

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  • Jul272015

    Databoy Returns: Google Analytics Training


    The continued adventures of Databoy: This time, it’s beneficial…an introduction to using Google Analytics.

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  • Jun292015

    Housing Association research to make an impact

    Mackman Research is delighted to have worked with Greenfields Community Housing to deliver the results of their customer service and…

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  • Jan162015

    Minds, meanings and metrics – Impact conference 2015

    The Market Research Society (MRS) has released full details of their Impact conference 2015 in London. This year the event…

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  • Dec082014

    Bench mark customer survey results for Specflue

    The Mackman Research team is delighted to have delivered the year on year bench mark customer survey results to Specflue,…

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