The online platform for the Antislavery in Domestic Legislation Project launches today at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. It serves as a resource to improve global access to anti-slavery legislation worldwide.

The online platform takes and summarises antislavery legislation in domestic law from all 193 different countries around the world that are member states of the UN. This allows the user to visualise the legislation either on a world map or by plotting information on a series of charts. It is further possible to focus in on each member state for more detailed information about country-specific legislation.

Mackman was commissioned by the University of Nottingham Rights Lab to develop the branding and identity for the project. This was in addition to a WordPress-based bespoke platform that would integrate with the project’s data set and enable interactivity with the data. With the information available on the site, researchers hope to target the following four questions:

– How do various approaches to antislavery fit together?
– Do they effectively address slavery itself? How about other forms of exploitation?
– What does best practice in legislating against slavery look like?
– What are the gaps in legal provision?

Brought together by Professor Jean Allain (Monash University) and Dr Katarina Schwarz (Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham), it will be a key resource for policy actors, researchers and advocates.

Visit the website.

Antislavery | Mackman Branding and Marketing Agency
Screenshot of the map view on the Antislavery in Domestic Legislation platform designed by Mackman