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Bright Field Consulting is a newly formed education consultancy. As a consultancy, the team offer unrivalled experience, enthusiasm and an ethical professionalism clients recognise and respect. Bright Field work across the country with school leaders to improve performance and also with young people and their families. They are passionate about education and the impact of education on young peoples' lives.


Building on their previous professional experience, they had a clear vision of who they are and where they are going and with a strong sense of what they wanted their identity to be. They used the poem Bright Field, written by Welsh poet R.S. Thomas to inspire their name. Bright Field Consulting identified the need for strong brand development and website in support of their launch strategy.


Recognising a need for marketing support to help translate their vision into reality, Bright Field Consulting approached us because of our full service capabilities and company ethos.

We started with the brand development of a visual icon that would accurately reflect Bright Field Consulting, its level of expertise, and its people. The poem was the starting point for the creative team and directly inspired the brand development. The logo represented the sun, with the smaller circles representing the illumination that comes with seeking out, and sharing, knowledge. This expansion of understanding is a key strand of Bright Field's business, as their clients wish to develop their skills and invest in their own career progression as individuals and achieve their potential.

Following on from the development of the visual icon, our creative and technical teams started the development of the website. Key to its development was the ability to reach several key audiences that had been identified via website personas undertaken as part of the briefing and scoping process. The website needed to reflect their key message that they are a consultancy that enables the transformation of education practice and outcomes for the client. Paul Mackman, Client Lead, said: “Working with an organisation like Bright Field Consulting who are leaders in their field and who have a really clear direction on where they wanted to go has been really exciting for us. The end result of the crisp clean branding in conjunction with the new website reflects their professional status and strong identity.”

Client Feedback

“The process Mackman took us through to develop our website was both informative and professional. Their skill and expertise enabled us to identify with accuracy our audiences and therefore tailor out messages accordingly. We had ample opportunities to review, reflect and adapt at various stages. This was helpful in allowing our ideas to germinate and develop over a period of time. We have produced a website which reflects both our purpose as a business but also our identity. Their support both now and ongoing has been second to none.”

Ian and Hilary Wigston, Bright Field Consulting
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