Taydal Surfacing Ltd is a family run, leading surfacing contractor based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Since its foundation in 1999, its friendly and traditional attributes have been the core influence in building relationships with its clients whilst delivering high quality workmanship. Taydal’s client base can be drawn from a variety of sectors, including commercial and private, located in and around the south-east of England.

Taydal understand the importance of delivering projects and services to a high standard and working within tight time scales and budgets. As a result, they approached Mackman with a requirement to update their branding and website in order to increase their market presence, particularly in the commercial sector.

Brand Facts

  • Taydal Surfacing was established in 1999 in Ipswich, Suffolk.
  • With over 100 years of combined experience in construction surfacing and project management, they deliver customers’ surfacing needs through their expertise and commitment to on site delivery.
  • Their existing brand had become tired and disjointed.

Project Facts

  • It had been identified that Taydal needed to connect with their customer base more widely and effectively through enhanced communication activities and needed a branding campaign.
  • Taydal therefore approached Mackman to deliver a branding and website project that considered the needs of their specific audience groups.

The Client

Providing surfacing across multiple industries

Taydal is a surfacing company based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Their strengths lie in the high level of service and workmanship that they offer, due to their highly trained and experienced staff.

We understood that Taydal were busy and had a number of high profile, time sensitive projects on the go. Having taken a full and detailed brief, we were able to design a tactical marketing plan that would respond to Taydal’s strategic goals.

Branding and website solutions were quickly implemented as an initial stage and Mackman identified key areas that could be updated to better engage the client base and increase visits to the site. There was also an aim to raise the profile of the company and increase visibility of the recently completed projects.

The Challenge

Taydal had identified that they lacked the marketing expertise and internal resources to deliver what they needed. They recognised that as a full service marketing agency Mackman could look after all elements of the marketing mix.

The Results

We worked with Taydal to evolve their website by updating their projects and improving the navigation around the site. We increased visibility of the website by making the site more prominent to the user in search engines by conducting a keyword audit and optimising the sites content. We used PR and email marketing as tools to raise awareness of the range of sectors and services offered by Taydal. In addition, we offered other services, such as photography and graphic design, on an ongoing basis to keep the website and company refreshed and up to date.

The ongoing work with Mackman has allowed us to allocate our time more effectively and focus on our client work schedule while maintaining a strong company image through our website and other activities.

Steve Knight, Director – Taydal