Professional Services


Mackman Research was commissioned by a consultancy firm to conduct an awareness survey as part of research on behalf of a major shopping centre in Essex. The shopping centre was planning to make some changes to the existing site and needed to gauge how shoppers and visitors felt about the shopping centre. A survey was designed in order to gather the required information by researchers stationed in the shopping centre. Shoppers were invited to take part in the survey by two Mackman researchers, over four days.

Mackman Research designed a questionnaire to fully meet the aims of the awareness research. The survey consisted of 22 closed questions and 1 open-ended question. The method of street interviewing was employed over a four day period on weekdays and the weekend. People were selected randomly for no other reason but for them visiting the shopping centre and were then asked to take part in the awareness survey. The interviews lasted for approximately ten minutes to capture the views of 200 people visiting the shopping centre.

The Results

The target number of 200 respondents completed the survey within the timescale, representing a 100% response rate. This informative piece of research has helped the shopping centre focus its aspirations during a difficult economic time, instructing future marketing strategy and forthcoming building plans.

We recently acquired a client responsible for running a retail shopping centre in a busy major town in East Anglia. We needed research to provide market intelligence to inform marketing strategy and serve as a baseline measurement for measuring the success of future marketing activities. We were impressed with the initial response from Mackman Research as it was intelligent and sensibly priced. Importantly because they are an East Anglian business they were able to bring a local understanding and knowledge to the project as well as offering cost savings. We subsequently commissioned Mackman Research to undertake qualitative and quantitative research in the form of face-to-face interviews. They undertook the complete project (design of the methodology, questionnaire, data collection, analysis, and reporting) within time and to budget. At all times the staff at Mackman Research were very professional and easy to deal with.

The findings were clearly presented and have proved invaluable in helping to shape the marketing activities of the shopping centre. I can recommend Mackman Research without hesitation as a specialist research company with whom you can place your trust. We intend to continue using their services.

Director – Marketing Agency