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TLC, or 'Talk, Listen, Cuddle', is an Essex campaign helping parents, carers and families give their young children the best start to life, developing their communication skills through playful learning at home. Research shows that over 50% of children in the UK start school with some type of transient speech, language or communication difficulty. In areas of high deprivation that number can increase to 89%. With the right support from the adults in a child's life, these difficulties can be reduced.

Essex TLC approached Mackman to conduct an 'At Home' campaign that promoted the role of parents in the early development of their children. This included organisational insight, a current marketing audit, audience research, and the expansion of their existing website, along with re-training of the TLC team on how to add new content, posts, resources and media.




  • Essex TLC is an Essex County Council initiative to help the development of speech, language and cognitive skills in children.
  • They encourage parents to create an environment that gives children all the stimulation, positive role modelling and human contact that they need.
  • Essex TLC regularly posts a range of ideas, top tips and games to support children's development.
  • Essex County Council approached Mackman to build on an established countywide initiative to promote early language and communication called Talk, Listen, Cuddle (TLC).
  • A campaign was required that promoted the TLC initiative through branded marketing material, both physical and digital.
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