Best of Lime are innovators in lime plaster products. Their three core products, all based on original Medieval recipes, have been used on buildings from National Trust properties to eco-friendly new builds. Their unique understanding of historic plasters and mortars is combined with the drive to develop products that satisfy not only the rigorous requirements of materials used on some of the country’s most treasured buildings, but also to provide products that are low-carbon, sustainable, no-nonsense, user-friendly and unlike any others on the market.

Great service and creativity, these guys really listen to what you want and need and the end results are amazing, ultimately saving time and money but also increasing business opportunity. Highly recommended.

Claire Stokes – Best of Lime

Mackman worked with Best of Lime to establish their key audiences, conducting insight into their business goals, and customer journeys in order to create a new brand identity, website, and brand collateral. The website was designed to be converted to an ecommerce site once new manufacturing equipment enabled them to increase their output. Our work also included bespoke photography of staff and products, in addition to investigating environmentally friendly options for their product packaging.


Brand Facts

  • Best of Lime are manufacturers of sustainable and environmentally friendly lime plasters.
  • They pride themselves on their unique formula, extremely quick application, drying, workability and breathability.
  • They were established in 2014 as the culmination of three passionate, different perspectives on the use of traditional materials.

Project Facts

  • Best of Lime approached Mackman to provide a website and updated brand identity that would offer prospective customers a reference point for information on their products and the benefits of lime plaster.
  • Mackman produced a refined brand identity, toolkit, photography, and ecommerce website for Best of Lime to reflect their growing business and the increasing demand for environmentally friendly building materials.

The Client

Environmentally conscious building products

Best of Lime are leading innovators in lime plasters, with their products being manufactured onsite at their premises in Haverhill, Suffolk. With a genuine passion for environmental responsibility, they pride themselves on stocking game changing products due to their breathability, flexibility and durability. The versatility of the core plasters means that they can be used on historical and modern builds, paving the way for the future by adhering to the highest environmental standards. 

Best of Lime approached us looking for a brand identity refresh and a website to offer users detailed information on their product offering and how to order. We identified that their key audiences required an explanation of the benefits of lime plaster, along with the specifics such as how much to order and how to apply the plaster correctly. As a result, the branding needed to position Best of Lime as approachable experts.

The Challenge

When we were approached by Best of Lime, they were a flourishing business in a key stage of their growth. This made it a challenge to correspond with Martin, the innovator behind the business, who was in high demand. Martin’s expertise in lime plasters was essential to the project in order to give the products, copy and messaging the justice it deserved, and we therefore worked hard to ensure that he had the tools he needed to confidently generate the content required.

Our Process

Showcasing an innovative product range

The identity refresh and accompanying website needed to be tailored to their audiences as well as be able to highlight their unique selling points and innovative premise. Therefore, insight was key to provide a foundation for the subsequent branding. The branding and website development coincided with a range of other services to complete the package including bespoke photography and sourcing environmentally friendly packaging to complete one of the key elements of the business.

The project initially began with insight, understanding what Best of Lime’s goals and objectives were, who their audiences are, who their competitors are and what keywords they should be using. Segmenting their audiences into personas as well as mapping out customer journeys allowed us to pinpoint exactly who they were trying to appeal to, what draws them in and what they are looking for. This basis allowed us to inform the project moving forward into the brand development phase. 

Establishing A New Brand Identity

The website needed to illustrate Best of Lime’s expertise, whilst also drawing attention to the specific benefits of their lime plaster products. Concise messaging was key to promote the unique benefits of their traditional plaster recipe and inform their visitors of its usage in the event that they were self-builders or inexperienced plasterers.

The content recommendations we provided helped Martin to write content that was targeted towards Best of Lime’s audience segments, and to support him in presenting an image of specialism and reliability for prospective customers.

A Professional & Refined Website

The resulting website was optimised for search engines with a clear and modern design. It was constructed with the framework for ecommerce functionality in mind. We added a blog to the site which we encouraged Best of Lime to use as a way to further share their knowledge and expertise with website visitors, and to showcase previous projects as inspiration for potential customers.

We provided Best of Lime with a refined brand toolkit consisting of typography, colour palettes, a fresh logo and professional bespoke staff photography to put a face to the name. 

The Results

By delivering a strongly founded brand identity and website based on rich insight, Best Of Lime now have a tailored and functional website and portfolio. The website highlights best practice, uses and essential information about lime plaster to help prospective customers make an informed decision about the building products they use.