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Monkwick Junior School is a primary school based in Colchester, Essex. The school has around 300 pupils between the ages of 7-11 who enjoy a safe and positive learning environment in the middle of the Monkwick housing estate. As a result, they have strong links with the local community and promote a positive attitude towards the value and importance of education.

Monkwick Junior School is part of the Sigma Trust, a partnership of schools located in North East Essex. It incorporates schools that share the same mission, vision and values and have a strong history of working collaboratively. Monkwick Junior School needed to exist as a stand-alone brand as well as forming part of a fluid and multi-functional identity system that complemented the existing identities of the Sigma Trust and its schools. The identity needed to project a fresh, vibrant and forward thinking brand, successfully communicating the vision and values of the school.