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Philip Morant is a secondary school and sixth form college in Colchester, Essex. As an innovative and inclusive school, Philip Morant is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for its students and ensuring that every student is as successful as they possibly can be through supporting and pursuing the core values of aspiration, success and kindness (ASK).

With an upcoming open day event, and having recently implemented a change in school uniform, the staff decided that the school would benefit from the design and production of a new prospectus to better communicate the ethos of the school. The time frame for the project was incredibly limited, allowing only eight days for design, drafting, proofing, printing and delivery to Philip Morant.

Brand Facts

  • Philip Morant is a popular, mixed comprehensive, in north-east Essex.
  • Philip Morant is ambitious for all of its students in their pursuit of excellence, whether that is in the classroom, on the football pitch, the stage or working within the community.
  • Their ethos is encapsulated in three words: ‘Aspiration, Success, Kindness’.

Project Facts

  • Philip Morant approached Mackman to design and produce a new prospectus following a new school uniform. 
  • The prospectus needed to communicate the ethos of the school and highlight their core values of ‘ASK’.

The Client

Educating Colchester for half a century

The core values underpinned by ASK already featured a specific set of colours arranged in ribbons, so the design team extracted these colours and used them throughout the prospectus to tie together the new design with the existing ASK design.

This helped to create a fresh and modern document that didn’t look out of place with existing school documentation and branding. The internal design of the prospectus was carefully considered in order to appeal to parents and children alike.

The Challenge

This challenge was particularly time sensitive, as there were only eight days allowed for design through to the delivery. This provided the team with a tight deadline to work towards.

Our Process

Showcasing a school’s distinctive offering

This process of creating the new prospectus began with image led design based around new photography – this allowed us to influence the style of images to best capture the spirit of the school as a learning environment, as well as showing the new uniform.

A clean and much more modern typeface was introduced to add freshness, and allow for ease of reading. Pull quotes were introduced to communicate key areas of success of the school and were highlighted by the use of colour extracted from the ASK design.

The Results

The resulting prospectus is much more in keeping with the school’s updated image and ethos, and clearly showcases Philip Morant not just as a centre of learning, but as a school that encourages and nurtures success through enrichment.