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Regency Security was founded in 1993 by Managing Director, Gary Powers. Due to the exceptionally high level of professionalism expected of its staff, the company has grown to become one of the premier security companies in the UK. They have offices in Essex, Norfolk, and London.

Regency Security have worked with industry-leading brand names including JD Wetherspoons, the London Olympics and Butlers PLC. They approached Mackman to develop their social media profiles and help the organisation use best practice social media techniques to achieve significant, positive results.

Brand Facts

  • Regency Security offers a range of services including door supervision, guarding, event security and close protection.
  • Established in 1993, they are committed to both their customers and staff alongside their strong ethos of a standards driven approach.
  • They have been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and were the first private security company to gain CSAS accreditation with Essex Police.

Project Facts

  • Regency Security approached Mackman to provide expertise on their social media presence and posting.
  • Although the company had several social media channels, their posts lacked purpose and there was no schedule in place to monitor posting and analyse the results.

The Client

Providing a complete range of security services

With a wide range of highly professional services available to their clients, Regency Security are not just a provider of security personnel, but an invaluable answer to their customers’ complete security solution. Regency Security work for industry leading brands such as Aston Martin, Stonegate Pub Company, JD Wetherspoons and NHS Trusts.

Mackman were approached by Regency Security to assist with its social media offering. Regency Security had a presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, however communication on these platforms lacked objective driven content and the frequency of posts was inconsistent.

The Challenge

Mackman were tasked with aligning the Regency Security social media presence with their brand, and posting with a clear intent in order to boost engagement. In addition, scheduling had to be set up in order to streamline the process of creating social posts.

Our Process

Establishing a social media strategy

We worked with Regency Security to clarify their business objectives, such as increasing brand awareness and staff retention and identify the key audience groups they were looking to communicate with through social media.

From here, we were able to work collaboratively to develop a content strategy and implement more regular and consistent social media posts, that were relevant to their specific target audience and what the organisation was looking to achieve in the long-term.

During this period, a social media management tool was set up to assist with scheduling of messages, as well as assistance to Regency Security with continuous content planning and generation.

The Result

We were able to measure the success of our social media support through Google Analytics. This indicated that since Regency Security had acquired Mackman’s social media support, there has been a 55% increase in web page views, 31% increase in average duration on site and a 50% increase in sessions on the site that have come from social media.

Working with Mackman has been a great help with keeping our social media streamlined and up to date. Sarah is very easy to work with and it really felt like she was part of the team.

Kate Gray, Commercial Director – Regency Security 

In order to implement social media marketing and manage social media accounts on behalf of clients, we really have to get under the skin of the organisation. It was really enjoyable to learn about Regency Security and the security industry as a whole. It’s great to see their social media profiles develop and help the organisation use best practice social media techniques that we know achieve significant, positive results.

Sarah Nagra, Client Lead