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TCM are environmental consultants and specialists in the control and eradication of invasive weeds, including Japanese knotweed. Their scientifically-proven and environmentally conscious removal solutions have led them to the forefront of the invasive weed eradication industry.

This project enabled a business at the forefront of Japanese knotweed eradication to better communicate with key audiences through a professional and responsive website.

Brand Facts

  • Since 1995, the life cycle and patterns of Japanese knotweed have been more widely recognised and observed as an invasive weed in the United Kingdom.
  • As the company has grown, so has TCM’s reputation as specialists in the field of eradication. Their scientifically proven and environmentally aware solutions have cemented them at the forefront of invasive weed removal.
  • As a result of the team’s specialist knowledge and years of eradication solutions, TCM have been at the forefront of projects such as the Olympic Site in London.

Project Facts

  • TCM required a solution that could support the growth of the business, demonstrate a return on investment and provide supportive aftercare following the launch of a new website.
  • Through a process of insight we were able to develop TCM’s key customer group’s requirements, as well as how their competitor’s were behaving.
  • Our team were able to create a brand identity and website that delivered on TCM’s requirements, and that communicated the best of TCM’s specialist services.
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman

The Client

Eradicating invasive knotweed species

Since inception, TCM have worked across the UK and Republic of Ireland on large-scale projects such as the Olympic Site in London and The Eden Project in Cornwall, as well as smaller-scale residential projects for homeowners.

TCM are fully backed by an A+ rated Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) from Lloyds, which ensures their customers are covered for a broad range of extenuating circumstances, and offer guidance on invasive weeds to all that seek it through ‘Dr Knotweed’; online specialist and founder of TCM, Howard Downer.

The Challenge

After working with a number of low end providers, TCM were seeking a proactive, professional partnership to support their digital growth.
They required a solution that had the growth of the business in mind, and that could demonstrate a return on investment.

Our Process

Encouraging digital marketing growth

The partnership needed to provide a high level of care and support following the launch of a new website. At Mackman, we needed to work collaboratively with the TCM team to identify:

  • Key customer groups, including their behaviours and requirements such as scale, budget etc.
  • The key customer group’s journeys from discovering their invasive weed problem right through to project completion/eradication
  • Touchpoints within the customer’s journeys that TCM could anticipate as a communication opportunity

In collaboration with the TCM team, we were able to gain valuable insight into how their key customer groups and competitors were behaving. This insight enabled us to identify opportunities for TCM to communicate better with customers their professional and forward-thinking values.

Understanding the business: Meeting with key stakeholders

By better understanding who exactly we needed to communicate with during this phase of the project, we were able to develop effective content, imagery and website structures.

  • Who do you work for?
  • What are their needs, expectations?
  • How do we talk to them?

External research: What do people think of the brand?

We established that TCM needed to broadcast reputable, efficient and forward-thinking company values and a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements.

  • What do they think of the brand?
  • Do they deliver what they say they will?
  • Why do they use them, and would they do so again?

The Results

We ensured effective communication with customers throughout the process of identifying and removing an invasive weed, and used Dr Knotweed (especially via social media) as a reassuring brand attribute. We created a highly professional and responsive website redesign that  guides users seamlessly through their individual journeys. We improved communication with key customer groups, ensuring that since the development of the new website, TCM are able to effectively engage with customers across different touch-points within their journey.

In addition, stronger brand identifiers were applied across the website. Through a developed brand identity, we were able to implement brand identifiers across the TCM website that could resonate with customers. We produced the following elements:

  • Colour Palette – a collection of colours synonymous with the TCM brand
  • Icon Library – a collection of icons that complement TCM’s unique selling points, and communicate the process of removal
  • Typeface – allocation of a typeface that can be used on the website and adopted for use by the TCM team
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman

Working with Mackman on the development of a new website for TCM has been a real pleasure. Throughout the experience they were approachable and generous with their knowledge and time, and we felt comfortable that our business and our market was understood clearly by all the staff involved. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mackman.

Howard Downer, Owner/Founder – TCM
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman

The Mackman team worked very hard to ensure the development of the website was led by user-experience, which means the new TCM website is a highly responsive platform for the business that will enable them to reach customers much more effectively.

Bruce Burgoyne, Creative Director – Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman
TCM - Website redesign and build - Mackman