The Classic Brick Company is built on over 20 years of expertise specialising in handmade clay bricks. A key quality of the brand is the stock of bricks, which can be matched to both period builds and new properties. By catering to both imperial and metric dimensions, The Classic Brick Company ensures that customers are able to get a perfect size match for their project.

With an extensive background in the brick industry, National Sales Manager Steve Carvell approached us to build him a website with a foundation of insight which would inform the brand’s potential. Being the sister company of our other client, Lifestiles, it was crucial that we established consistency across the branding.


Brand Facts

  • The Classic Brick Company is the sister company of Lifestiles, our client since 2017.
  • All of their products are stocked at their yard in Toppesfield, Essex.
  • The range of handmade bricks can be used for projects ranging from restoration to new builds.

Project Facts

  • The Classic Brick Company approached us to conduct insight, refine their identity and build a website that demonstrates their expertise and connection to Lifestiles.
  • We worked on the visuals to ensure that there was a consistency in branding and recognition. The professional photography pulled together an online portfolio with future possibilities for ecommerce functions.

The Client

Supplying handmade bricks for prestige properties

National Sales Manager, Steve Carvell is a specialist in the industry, bringing years of experience to The Classic Company. Based in Toppesfield, Essex, providing the highest quality handmade bricks is at the forefront of the business. Their wide range of bricks, colours and measurements has meant that they are able to provide a solution for both period and new build projects.

The traditionally manufactured and handmade nature of the bricks mean that the finishes complement the range of colours offered. The founder’s expertise and The Classic Brick Company’s versatile brick types was something to particularly draw attention to when standing out from competitors.

The Challenge

We had to ensure that we were communicating Steve’s expertise and creating clear messaging to encourage potential customers to approach their local stockist but consult Steve for specialist advice.

Our Process

Building a responsive website

It was essential that we conducted insight into who The Classic Brick Company’s target audiences and competitors were, and then use this to shape the website.

The resulting premium website demonstrated the extensive portfolio of The Classic Brick Company and had room to develop potential ecommerce functionality in the future. On the technical side, the site was built to the highest SEO standards with the market in mind.

Due to being the sister company of Lifestiles, it was important for the branding to strongly link with one another in order to spark recognition and consistency. However, we also needed to integrate the key selling points of The Classic Brick Company into the branding. We adapted the logo to keep it on brand and subsequently adapted a toolkit to provide professional marketing materials.

To showcase the visuals of the site, our Creative Director Bruce took bespoke photography at The Classic Brick Company’s location, including those of Steve as well the brick portfolio for the website.

The Results

The final outcome of the project produced an intuitive and on-brand website which highlighted The Classic Brick Company’s extensive product catalogue and the connection to Lifestiles. The responsive site was also effective at demonstrating Steve’s expertise and providing an informative experience for prospective customers.