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Land Resolutions are planning and development advisors who work with homeowners and developers to navigate the planning process. Founder Rory McGarr has long-standing links within the planning sector, and provides expert advice to maximise the potential of unused plots. From garden and infill development to agricultural and larger developments, Land Resolutions' simple ethos is that the company should only benefit if the client benefits.

As a brand new business, Land Resolutions' brand needed a kick-start, which centred around insight into the key audiences for their services. By establishing a strong understanding of who would benefit from their expertise and what these audience personas needed to hear, we then built up a brand toolkit for Land Resolutions including a new logo, brand assets, leaflet, bespoke photography, Google My Business profile, and website.

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  • Land Resolutions are expert planning agents with a plethora of experience working in the planning and development industry.
  • They are a new business based on founder Rory McGarr's expertise in obtaining planning permission on behalf of clients.
  • Their incubation pack needed to include a marketing strategy, brand identity toolkit, website, and bespoke photography to communicate information about the planning process and how Land Resolutions can help.
  • Land Resolutions has a wide network of contacts within the development and property industry, easing stress and mitigating risk for clients.
  • Mackman worked with Rory McGarr in a thorough insight process to establish who his core audience was, and designed a brand identity and website to reflect his niche status as an independent planning and development advisor.
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Land Resolutions website mockup


Navigating the planning process

Drawing on years of experience, Land Resolutions tailor their recommendations for planning according to the needs of the homeowner or referrer whilst always seeking to maximise the value of their asset.

Our workshop sessions mapped key search terms, developed customer personas, and ultimately informed every step of the brand identity creation. A brand identity was then devised that conveyed the simplicity and professionalism of Land Resolutions. The colour scheme took inspiration from natural and build elements of housing development, from sage green to bright terracotta. Similarly, the logo was comprised of iconography of rolling hills and the built landscape to denote Land Resolutions' role in developing unused land and finding the potential in such plots.

The new brand came with marketing materials such as a letterhead, flyer and Google My Business profile to kick-start the business and provide the necessary tools to promote it to prospective clients. The imagery for the brand toolkit was taken by our Creative Director, Bruce Burgoyne, and focused on people in order to put clients firmly at the centre of Land Resolutions' photography.

The Result

Land Resolutions' new brand is distinctive and sets apart the business in the planning sector. Working with Rory to understand his business model using thorough insight enabled us to provide all of the marketing elements needed for a successful business launch.

A very easy company to work with, managed to make the whole experience stress free. Easy to communicate with and always on hand to assist with any issues.

Rory McGarr, Planning and Development Advisor - Land Resolutions
Land Resolutions description in new branding

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We strive to create visually distinctive brands positioned intelligently and designed strategically. Our team works hard to bring our client's visions to life, and we are proud of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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