LEGO® might have been snubbed for a nomination for best animated film at this year’s Oscar, but they are winning hands down when it comes to their social media strategy.

With over 50,000 mentions across social media channels during the Oscars (Amobee Brand Intelligence) with their live performance of the epic song “everything is awesome” from The LEGO® movie and handing out LEGO® Oscars which from Oprah’s face was more coveted than the real thing they won the Oscar social media battle.

If you go beyond the Oscars LEGO® have an impressive social media presence. They understand their audience, they treat adults and children the same way. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first set or reliving your youth their loyal customers just want to build awesome things with LEGO®.

They produce content that is valuable with how to guides on their YouTube channel to shareable content such as their hugely popular Instagram and Vine videos. As well as engaging with customers to get involved in the development of new products with their platform LEGO Ideas which lead to the creation of a new  LEGO® Ghostbusters set. Not only does it engage with customers but it elongates the hype around a new product range as the customers are interested from development to launch and beyond.

LEGO® didn’t always have a successful social media presence, only a few years ago they had a corporate Twitter account that was rarely updated, but they have worked hard to turn this around. With fast responses to positive endorsements, dealing with customer service queries quickly and engaging with their #LegoFanoftheWeek.

LEGO® have taught us that you can improve your social media presence over time and really embrace social media to great effect.

You may not have won the Oscar LEGO®, but you won our hearts. We think that no matter what sector or size of your business, we can all take inspiration from great content brands like LEGO®. Yes, they have enormous marketing budgets and hundreds of people to implement strategies…but it pays dividends to look at the creativity of these brands and consider how you could apply their ambitious thinking to your own activity.