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  • Mar182020
    A businesswoman using her phone and laptop to work online in a cafe

    How To Use Video Conferencing Effectively

    Due to the current Government advice surrounding COVID-19, many businesses have switched to working from home in an effort to…

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  • Jan242018
    Mackman Blog - What is Voice Search? Is your business ready for it?

    What is Voice Search and is Your Business Ready for it?


    The way users interact with their digital assistants is changing search as we know it. Find out how to get your business prepared.

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  • Sep302017
    Marketing Communications: How to make the headlines

    How To Make Headlines With Your Business


    Whether you’re working on a niche business publication, a local paper or an international magazine, we have a handy guide on how to make the headlines.

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  • Sep092017
    Marketing Communications: 10 ways to create great content

    Guide – Creating Great Content in 10 Ways

    Creating quality content for the web can be tricky, and it’s on everyone’s radar…Here are Mackman’s top 10 timeless tips to get you started!

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  • Sep012017
    Energy Company's New Look Helps Secure Global Future

    Energy Company’s New Look Helps Secure Global Future

    Electrical Oil Services (EOS) refreshed its branding which helped secure its acquisition by global company, HCS Group. As a leading…

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  • Aug302017
    Marketing Communications: How to write a press release

    Guide – How to write a Press Release

    Our PR experts have written a handy, top 10 tips guide to writing the perfect press release…that journalists will respond to!

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  • Aug032017
    Marketing Communications: 7 benefits of social media for your business

    7 benefits of social media for business

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    Social media, love it or hate it, there’s no denying it is here to stay – we show you 7 ways it can benefit your business…

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  • Feb022017
    Make Happen Workshop

    What will you Make Happen?

    In collaboration with Essex Collaborative Outreach network, the Mackman team has recently worked on a campaign called Make Happen. The campaign aimed to help students across Essex take control of their future and Make Happen!

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  • Jan082016
    Man using a typewriter

    Twitter: Beyond 140 Characters


    On the 5th of January original founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey revealed the social media giants are considering allowing up to 10,000 character tweets in the future. Rather than 140.

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  • May292015

    Instagram: Pictures paint a thousand words

    Instagram has been around for a while now, and for those of you who are avid users – we salute you.…

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