Jess Crago

Hello, I’m Jess and I am a Research Executive at Mackman. My role involves everything research-based, though I have recently become more specialised in data analysis and reporting. Throughout my time at Mackman I have developed various skills, particularly in gathering, analysing, and visualising data through various methods and software.

After finishing my six-month Kickstarter internship at Mackman Research, I then became employed full-time in my researcher position. Before my internship, I completed a Masters degree in Cybercrime Investigation after completing a Bachelors in Criminology and Sociology. I loved the research and statistics aspects of my degrees, especially the ‘cyber snooping’ strategies I learned through my Masters, so I am enjoying the practical applications of research at Mackman.

Jess Crago, Research Executive | Mackman Branding & Marketing Agency