The East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) is a not-for-profit trade organisation based in Great Yarmouth. The trade organisation represents more than 300 associates across the region, ranging from energy producers to supply chain companies.

There are six types of membership available, each enabling EEEGR to fulfil its mission to be “the source of new opportunities and knowledge to enable member companies to strategically grow their businesses,” and providing benefits to members including networking opportunities, business introductions, free job advertising, up-to-date industry intelligence and event discounts. Mackman was contacted by the EEEGR as they wanted to gain unbiased insight into their relationship with their current members.

Brand Facts

  • EEEGR is a not-for-profit trade association representing the energy sector and its supply chain in the East of England.
  • EEEGR represents more than 300 associates across the region, ranging from energy producers to supply chain companies.
  • Their mission is to be the source of new opportunities and knowledge to enable companies to strategically grow their business. Members have access to a wide range of benefits to help their businesses thrive.

Project Facts

  • EEEGR wanted to conduct an impartial survey to better understand its members’ satisfaction.
  • Mackman Research designed a research methodology and survey in collaboration with EEEGR which would target all member company representatives.
  • Individuals were invited by personal invitation, and approval was granted for a Mackman researcher to make contact and schedule a convenient time to conduct a telephone interview.

The Challenge

The research findings needed to help EEEGR direct their resources into what aspects of their service were most important for their members, in order to better improve the organisation’s engagement and to ensure future satisfaction.

The Client

Supporting the energy industry

EEEGR is a key voice in the energy sector, providing knowledge, support and opportunities to help their members’ businesses grow. Mackman Research was commissioned by EEEGR to accurately measure the satisfaction of their members and to better understand what company representatives expect from their service.

The study had four key aims:

  1. To communicate the current focus and establish members’ responses.
  2. To establish if EEEGR’s focus and interactions broadly follow the correct strategy for members.
  3. To establish any gaps in membership provision.
  4. To determine the future requirements of EEEGR’s members.

Our Process

Creating a brand for the future

In collaboration with EEEGR, Mackman Research designed a survey to gain unbiased insight into the current relationship between EEEGR and its members. The survey needed to identify how membership benefits could be improved to increase individuals’ satisfaction. All members were personally invited by the General Manager and Mackman initially contacted them by telephone and email to arrange a suitable time to complete the survey.

Telephone interviews lasted between 15 and 35 minutes depending on how much information the contact had to comment, respondents were also given the option to receive the questionnaire as an emailed link, enabling completion at a suitable time.

The Result

114 EEEGR members took part in the survey. A detailed report included key findings and verbatim, and recommendations to better promote the value of EEEGR membership. Results were split by membership type (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4, sponsor, and supporting member). It was found that 90% of participants cited that being a member of EEEGR is beneficial for their business and having access to potential customers and partners is key to a successful association. The key findings were produced in a comprehensive report which delivered insight into the perceptions of members and recommendations of how EEEGR can improve its services.

EEEGR had very high expectations for the Members’ Survey and Mackman Research surpassed them. We really loved their approach to the project; they kept us in the loop from start to finish and reassured us throughout the process. Thank you for a high quality, comprehensive report which will support our organisation in making some key decisions for the future.

Simon Gray, CEO – EEEGR

We are proud to include EEEGR in our list of clients and have enjoyed working with Simon and his team. Discovering what your members really think in an honest survey can be a daunting undertaking. However, gauging levels of satisfaction and finding out what your members or customers really value about your organisation is key to maintaining relationships and providing a quality driven service for the future. The research findings will help EEEGR maintain strength and momentum with its associates going forward.

Gemma Mackman, Research Director