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After working with Mersea Barns on their brand development, website and photography projects over the last few years, Mackman has continued to support them with their marketing requirements. We have since provided an ongoing training and support package structured towards the aim of Mersea Barns being able to conduct their marketing autonomously. Our latest project in 2020 was to assist in the development of an ecommerce functionality on their website in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the Mersea community.

We adapted their website into a more commercially-orientated platform in order to accommodate for the changes which were needed to keep the business afloat during the trying times of lockdown and the pandemic, and to make sure that they provided as close to their usual offering as possible.




  • Mersea Barns is a shop and café destination in East Mersea, Essex.
  • In 2016, they obtained planning permission to construct a custom-built barn on a site that once housed the much-loved Jarman's Nursery and Pick-Your-Own.
  • They needed to tap into the fondness for Mersea among locals and visitors alike to establish themselves as a community hub and visitor attraction.
  • Mersea Barns initially approached Mackman to build their brand from the ground up, and provide them with the marketing tools they needed to maintain and promote their new brand.
  • In this latest round of work, they needed a way to maintain business as lockdown limited the ways in which they could service the local community.


Bringing the East Mersea community together

The wild, natural beaches and open areas of Mersea Island have always presented an essential destination for a picturesque day out. As a small island just off the east coast of Essex, this close-knit community boasts a range of locally sourced produce. It was this unique setting in East Mersea which invited the interest of a new business in 2016. After a careful and well considered period of insight and brand development from the ground up, Mersea Barns is now finding its feet as a major hub for the local community.

Once their brand identity had been established, Mackman embarked on an ongoing process of informational support and training which trickled down throughout the staff. A capable, informed team has allowed Mersea Barns to act autonomously in their marketing efforts. However, when faced with the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, and the lockdown of the retail and hospitality sector, Mersea Barns was in need of a swift response. We identified that while they could no longer accommodate visitors, they could retain their convenience to the community through the development of an ecommerce functionality on their website to supplement their restaurant, café and shop. 


Creating tools for ecommerce success

Mersea Barns came to us during the first lockdown of 2020, requiring a way to keep their restaurant, café and shop running in some form during the lockdown. The social distancing measures needed to fight COVID-19 necessitated finding new ways to get their groceries and cooked meals out to their customers. Because of their convenience store role within the local community, Mersea Barns have been able to operate under the 'essential business' category throughout the pandemic. Their ability to provide groceries and ready meals to the local community led to our idea of transforming the Mersea Barns website into one focused on ecommerce.

During the first lockdown, we began work on equipping their website with a click and collect system. We had their solution complete and functional within a week of them approaching us, allowing them to resume their service to the local area. The latest iteration of this project has involved a complete transformation of their site to one specifically orientated towards ecommerce. This capability has been a significant part of their business since.

  • What do you offer?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Who are your key audience groups?
  • Who are your competitors?

The Results

This major transition has enabled Mersea Barns to continue its growth with us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Possessing an effective ecommerce functionality has allowed Mersea Barns to stay afloat throughout the pandemic, while also enhancing their online presence and overall commercial capability. Our support of Mersea Barns remains ongoing as we assist them elements including user experience and functionality through our WebCare packages. Find out more information on our website design services by looking at our similar case studies on Greenfields and Sibbons, or email customerservice@mackmangroup.co.uk to find out how we can help your business's website.

Mackman have been amazing, helping us make very rapid changes to our website and strategy. I can't fault them for their helpfulness, creativity and support during some pretty interesting times. Thanks guys - you are total stars.

Mersea Barns
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