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  • Apr032020
    Row of different coloured houses

    House of Brands or a Branded House?

    If the terms ‘House of Brands’ and ‘Branded House’ are not familiar to you, this piece is designed to help…

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  • Apr012020
    Coffee cup in a city cafe

    A guide to the importance of the Experience Economy

    It is now more than 20 years since B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, co-founders of Strategic Horizons LLP, first…

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  • Mar272020
    Lecture hall of students taking important notes

    The Importance of Customer Retention

    In any business, no matter the size, acquiring new customers will always be a key part of growth and ongoing…

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  • Mar262020
    Name stickers illustrating the importance of brand names

    How To Create A New Brand Name

    At this time in early Spring 2020, it is clear that a number of businesses, large and small, are being…

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  • Mar232020
    Marketing professional describing a diagram on screen

    Low Cost Marketing Tips for Micro-Businesses & Start Ups

    There are as many ways to market a start-up business as there are types of business. From a private airline…

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  • Mar182020
    A businesswoman using her phone and laptop to work online in a cafe

    How To Use Video Conferencing Effectively

    Due to the current Government advice surrounding COVID-19, many businesses have switched to working from home in an effort to…

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  • Mar182020
    Creating growth - a child playing with lego

    Restarting Business Growth After Difficult Times

    Here in the early Spring of 2020, it is difficult for most companies to feel optimistic and confident about thriving…

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  • Mar172020
    Sandersons brand identity on mobile and desktop

    Why is brand development important for your business?

    It’s possible to brand virtually anything, from people to companies, products to services. Brand development is a process with several…

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  • Mar132020
    A crowd of people walking in different directions

    6 Tips To Mitigate Marketing Risk During Uncertain Times

    In uncertain times, some companies decide to cut their marketing investment and other costs, while others choose to continue to…

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  • Mar102020
    Group of professionals meeting with notepads

    Marketers in East of England struggle to justify their value in rapidly changing sector

    • More than half of marketers in the East of England struggle to explain their roles. • Over a third…

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  • Mar052020
    How much should a small business spend on marketing

    How much should a small business spend on marketing?

    Done right, marketing is all about growth. It is a profit centre, not a cost centre. For every pound spent…

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  • Mar052020
    CIM Social Selling event details

    CIM Marketing Club: Social Selling | 25th March 2020

    In a world where consumers are using social media more and more as part of their daily routine, it is…

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