Introducing The Smile Of Arran Trust

The Smile of Arran Trust is a brain tumour charity established in memory of Arran Tosh, an extraordinary and inspiring young man who sadly lost his life to a brain tumour at just 13 years old. The 8th June 2024 marked the 10th anniversary of Arran’s passing. The Trust aims to support children and families affected by brain tumours, and has raised over £120,000 since its inception.

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How Have Mackman Supported The Smile Of Arran Trust?

The Smile of Arran Trust approached Mackman to create a website that could be used for fundraising & support. This project consisted of website design & development, and ongoing hosting. We proudly donated our services pro-bono, and we are honoured to continue to support this fantastic local charity.

The Smile of Arran Trust Website
The Smile of Arran Trust Website

“We were honoured to be asked by Arran’s parents to design and develop a website for the Smile of Arran Trust. They do a fantastic job of raising awareness and continuing Arran’s legacy, and we hope the website plays a key part in their efforts. Donating approximately 10% of our annual turnover to pro-bono projects is our way of supporting the community, and it was a pleasure to contribute to this project.”

Paul Mackman, Managing Director, The Mackman Group

Get Involved

  • SMILE Festival: SMILE is a yearly music festival that started in 2017 and takes place locally at AFC Sudbury. This year’s event will be on July 20th, 2024, featuring bands like The Farm, Toploader, and Afterdrive. Purchase tickets here.
  • Wristbands: The Smile of Arran wristband has become a symbol of the charity and community support since its inception. Purchase wristbands directly from the charity to help raise awareness.
  • 100 Club: The newly launched 100 Club is a monthly initiative where people can buy numbered tickets for £1 each. A prize draw is held with the winner receiving the prize money, and all proceeds support the charity.

“Thank you for keeping Arran’s memory alive and helping us to support children and young people, along with their families, who are diagnosed with brain tumours and brain cancers. Through the constant support the charity receives, Arran’s memory will live on forever.”

Alison Tosh, Chair, The Smile of Arran Trust

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Take a look at our project case study to learn more about the work we have completed for the Smile of Arran Trust.