As a business based in the heart of Sudbury, Suffolk, we encounter a variety of exceptional charities every day. And following a successful workshop at the Suffolk Volunteering Conference to aid Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV), we wanted to share what we believe to be the benefits of working with local charities. 

There are a whole host of benefits to working with charities and charitable organisations within your community, and at Mackman working closely with our community has always been a priority. With an ethos of ‘Together we grow’, we truly believe in giving charities the branding and marketing opportunities that otherwise may not be so readily available them.

Here are our top five benefits of supporting local charities:

1. Giving Back to Your Community

The biggest value we can give back to our local community is what we specialise in.

As marketing and branding specialists, we are able to support businesses and organisations with their visibility and communication with target audiences (and there is nothing better than using your skills for the benefit of a worthy cause).

2. Greater Understanding 

When a business chooses to work collaboratively with charitable organisations, it can really have an impact on their overall perception of their local community.

Take Mackman, for example. Working with local charities gives our whole team a real insight into the inner workings of our surrounding community. As well as an overall greater understanding of the social enterprises that make Sudbury such a brilliant place to work.

Our team works closely with The Bridge Project, a local social enterprise that is dedicated to enriching the lives of those living with dementia, learning difficulties and mental health problems. By working so closely with The Bridge, we are able to support them strategically with their organisational objectives, brand identity and marketing strategy. Alongside supporting them with supported work placements for two Bridge learners, helping with food deliveries and DIY.

3. Training Opportunities

Working with charities is the perfect opportunity to train up junior members of staff, or even those taking part in a work placement.

As well as this, working on such projects gives members of your team the opportunity to work with other team members they may not often get to interact with. We’re all about strengthening our internal relationships for the benefit of clients and organisations that we work with. At Mackman, we identify as a multi-disciplinary team. So it is important that our team have the opportunities to train in areas that may be unfamiliar to them.

4. Mutual Marketing

Charities benefit in the boost of awareness amongst the local community, but so can the businesses or agencies that work with them.

Both brands are exposed to a level of publicity. Which in turn enables both to reach audiences across a broad range communication channels.

5. Expanding Your Network & Developing Professional Relationships

Supporting charities opens up opportunities to network with similar organisations, as well as charities and like-minded individuals.

Constantly expanding your network is important for any individual or business. Our team has successfully networked and developed professional working relationships with a diverse range of organisations and individuals. In May, we were invited by Community Action Suffolk (CAS) to host a workshop at the annual Suffolk Volunteering Conference. Our workshop was designed to help Suffolk businesses understand the benefits of working with local charities. Delegates received practical advice and guidance from our Creative Director, Bruce, on the importance of finding the right fit for your business. The conference at BT’s Adastral Park, is organised by CAS every year to encourage businesses to support charities in their local area, and to highlight the benefits of doing so. You can find out more about CAS and the Suffolk Volunteering Conference.

Mackman Top Tip

Before working with local charities you must consider:

  1. The importance of shared values
  2. Building a common language
  3. Making an assessment

This will help to ensure both you and the charitable organisation you work with can form a mutually beneficial partnership. You can read our post on Finding The Right Partnership For Your Brand for more information on finding the right partner.

If you need marketing or branding support for your organisation then give us a call on 01787 388038, or email to talk to one of our experts.