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Video Production

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Video content is one of the most engaging formats to communicate effectively to your audience.

We have strong in house capabilities to plan, script, film and edit video solutions that fit with your brand image. Whether your needs are short explainer videos to promote a product or service or an animated introduction to an integrated campaign, we can help. We pride ourselves on having all capabilities in house, saving you time and money.

Why should my organisation use video?

There is a common misconception that 'video' entails high budget Hollywood-style cinema, which carries with it expectations of time-intensive filming schedules and inconvenience for those involved. However, video is a rich form of media with different options available to suit your budget. We will work with you to offer a bespoke solution to fit your requirements.

Not only has video been proven to boost conversion rates by 80%, it also builds trust and credibility by adding personality to your content. Putting a face to a brand is a great way of adding a human side to your business, with video being an ideal format to show this. It’s also an opportunity to engage more personally with your audience, encouraging social shares and building brand exposure.

In an increasingly digital world where we have a variety of viewing platforms, video is extremely easy to consume and makes learning convenient and easy. And if this wasn’t enough to show you how amazing video is for your business, search engines love video, meaning your content has a greater chance of ranking higher and therefore generating more exposure and leads.

WillisPalmer Behind The Scenes Shoot


  • Planning/pre-production - we take your brief and plan the direction for your video solution, keeping in close communication so you can have as much or as little involvement/input as you wish. 
  • Scripting & storyboarding - working alongside your vision, we visually plan the structure and flow of the video so you can get a feel for the final product. We also offer scripting support through our communications team to ensure your message is clear, concise, and on brand.
  • Production (filming) - we use our professional equipment and expertise to film on location with you, using the planning procedures and communication to ensure the day(s) runs smoothly. On set, we pride ourselves on efficiency and organisation, making your colleagues feel at ease in front of the camera.
  • Post production - we bring the footage back to our studio and provide a quick turn-around. We have skills within on screen text/graphics, audio refining and colour grading to ensure your final video not only looks the best it can, but also tells a clear message.
  • Animation - from logo animations through to animated text explainer videos, we have in-house capabilities to provide a solution for your needs.
  • Interactive - we have software capabilities to produce interactive videos, where users follow a journey and select options within the video which lead to different destinations. For example, if you’re a coffee shop, you could have a video showing the experience in store. There could be a clip of someone at the till and the audience has to interact on screen what drink they wish to chose. This can then show their selected drink being made and ask them to interact by entering their email for a coupon. This is a great solution to learn more about your community and obtain contact details for future valued customers.

Popular types of video

  • About Us/Promotional Video - these explain a company's culture as well as its product/service.
  • Meet The Team Video - these put a face to a name and showcase the personality of the business. 
  • Product Videos - these provide quick, easy-to-understand introductions to the company's product/service.
  • FAQ/Support Videos - these answer any queries or issues (FAQs) concerning products or services.
  • How To/Explainer Videos - having someone explaining something verbally, along with relevant visuals, makes the process easier to understand and creates much higher engagement when compared to a long-form text piece.
  • Conference Content - if you have an upcoming conference or event and want to document the experience or display on screen visuals, we are here to assist!
  • Niche - if you require a video not listed above, please get in touch. We have equipment and expertise to assist with a variety of ideas and add our creative flair to provide you with the best outcome. 

There is never a project too small or too big for our skilled team of videographers and designers.



What if I want a video produced but do not want to do an interview on camera?

Not a problem at all! We have the capabilities to use on-screen text or source external voice artists to still portray your message in a compelling manner. 

How long is the video production process?

The typical process can take anywhere from days to weeks to months depending on the complexity of the output you require. We will always be on task to ensure we get your content to you as soon as we can.

How many people will Mackman bring on the shoot?  

Depending on the type of video and scale of the project, this will vary. When visiting we always make sure we are non-disruptive and provide good entertainment, getting the job done effectively, creating an enjoyable experience for you and your colleagues. 

Can you add graphics and branding?

Of course, it’s what we do best here at Mackman! We will ensure we keep your branding consistent throughout any video materials and we can quickly create new graphics if required. 

What’s the ‘score’ with audio?

If you require any background audio, we will source this for you and provide you with an audio license for the track which can be used multiple times in the future too. This does come at an additional cost.

How will I receive my video?

We will provide you with a downloadable link to access the video in .mp4 or .mov format. 

We regularly write blog articles around video best practice. Visit our News & Views page to find out more, or see a list of highlights here:

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